Effingham Hospital, Springfield, GA

September 2, 2021 - Renasant Bank recently announced that they have donated $300,000 to the Georgia HEART Hospital Program. The $300,000 will be divided into six separate $50,000 donations for rural Georgia hospitals including Phoebe Worth Medical Center in Sylvester, Southwell Medical Center in Adel, Appling Healthcare in Baxley, Jeff Davis Hospital in Hazlehurst, Effingham Hospital in Springfield, and Piedmont Mountainside Hospital in Jasper. 

“Renasant Bank understands the importance of having quality healthcare in the communities we serve, especially in Georgia's rural markets. We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Georgia HEART to contribute to the needs of the rural hospitals in the six qualifying markets that we mutually serve," said Ed Hutchinson, Southeast Georgia Division President. 

The Georgia HEART Hospital Program's mission is to help rural and critical access hospitals take advantage of Georgia Senate Bill 258 to help increase their funding and their ability to provide the healthcare needs of thousands of Georgians. The Georgia HEART Program is limited to Georgia rural hospitals that meet qualification criteria established in the law, including county population size.

“Renasant’s generous participation in this program is truly a difference-maker for these hospitals and the communities they serve. As the past year has challenged our hospitals and healthcare systems in almost unimaginable ways, this contribution will increase the access to essential and quality medical care in these South Georgia communities,” said Lisa Kelly, Executive Director of Georgia HEART Hospital Program. 

To learn more about The Georgia HEART Hospital Program, click here

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