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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Jan. 16 - Georgia' Black Caucus issues statement on Pres. Trump's comments on Immigrants

Coastal Empire News Staff Report

January 16, 2018 - The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus (GLBC) today condemned recent comments made by President Donald Trump on immigration and members of the GLBC issued statements.

“On this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, as we come together to celebrate the legacy of a great leader who fought for the equality of all races and ethnicities, we have been hit by another punch from the president. Here, in the city of Atlanta, where the nation’s largest Legislative Black Caucus is located, with the third highest concentration of immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa, we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the outrageous comments made by the Commander in Chief,” said Chairman of the GLBC, State Senator Lester Jackson (D-Savannah).

“It is appalling that racism still exists,” added Sen. Jackson. “It is appalling that racial sentiments still ring out through the voices of Americans. It is especially appalling that this demoralizing comment comes from the leader that represents our country.”

On the 50th Anniversary of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., GLBC Vice Chairman Rep. Sandra G. Scott (D-Rex) commented, “This just shows how racist and prejudice he is as a leader. There are no words to describe how divisive he is.”

Members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus stood on the Capitol steps today to speak out against racist rhetoric.

One of the caucus’ millennial members, Representative Park Cannon (D-Atlanta), stated, “His comments are problematic because it speaks to the overall de-valuing of black lives and increases the daily threat to black bodies existing in this world.  Black lives matter – not only here in Georgia, but throughout the nation.”

“While we understand the pathway to citizenship is not always easy, we stand with hard-working immigrants, regardless of the color of their skin or national origin so that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their American Dream. Immigrants are essential to our economy, our diversity, and our prosperity. We will be right here to ensure that he will be held accountable for his comments, come November 2018.  For now, under this current Administration, we all need prayer,” Rep. Cannon added. She represents a portion of Fulton County.

Source:  Statement released by House Press Office.

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