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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Feb. 27 - Georgia House to take up LONG list of bills on 'Crossover Day' Wednesday

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By Lou Phelps, Coastal Empire News

February 27, 2018 - The Georgia House members will face a long list of bills Wednesday, known as 'Crossover Day.'  No bill can be considered in this year's legislative session unless it has been approved by the House and moved to the Senate on 'Crossover Day.'  

Crossover Day is the last day for legislation to pass the chamber in which it was introduced and transfer to the other chamber for consideration. Senate bills must pass the Senate, and House bills must pass the House.  Any bill that does not receive a vote in its initial chamber by Day 30 cannot move on in the legislative process and must be re-introduced the following year.

The following bills have been annoucned to Wednesday's House calendar: 

HB 81 Income tax; certain health care facilities to receive tax refund setoffs for collection of medical debts; allow 

HB 166 Jury duty; operators of family child care learning homes; provide exemption 

HB 302 Ad valorem tax; property; change certain requirements to notice pertaining to millage rate adoption 

HB 332 Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act; enact 

HB 336 Broadband Strategy for All of Georgia Act; enact 

HB 352 Motor vehicles; annual license fees; exclude certain vehicles from the fee charged to alternative fueled vehicles 

HB 365 Sheriffs' Retirement Fund of Georgia; benefit payable upon death of certain members; increase 

HB 374 Ad valorem tax; property; allow electronic filing of returns in certain cases 

HB 401 Uniform rules of the road; operators of motorcycles; exclude from prohibition of wearing headset or headphone 

HB 409 Appellate court judges; age of eligibility for certain benefits; decrease 

HB 410 Condominiums; certain fees imposed on purchasers; provide for limits 

HB 418 Teachers Retirement System of Georgia; certain members shall be eligible to obtain creditable service for international teaching service; provide 

HB 473 Handicapped persons; additional rights and responsibilities of persons with service animals; provide 

HB 482 Georgia Educational Scholarship Act; enact 

HB 489 Local government; use Georgia Procurement Registry in addition to official legal organ to advertise certain bid opportunities; provide 

HB 494 Early care and learning; safety of children in early care and education programs; revise certain provisions 

HB 513 Domestic relations; signs to be posted at certain medical facilities where a newborn child may be left; provide 

HB 518 Eminent domain; telephone companies; actual recurring local service revenues; specify accounts or portions thereof considered to be included 

HB 519 Insurance; health benefit plans; utilize certain clinical review criteria to establish step therapy protocols; require 

HB 605 Hidden Predator Act of 2018; enact 

HB 623 Georgia Crime Information Center; retain fingerprints of certain individuals under certain circumstances and submit to the Federal Bureau of Investigation; allow 

HB 624 Georgia Legislative Retirement System; define certain terms; change certain provisions 

HB 639 Eagle's Landing, City of; incorporate 

HB 642 Local government; provide definitions; provisions 

HB 666 Motor vehicles; proper display of license plates; provide 

HB 672 Motor vehicles; use of speed detection devices by law enforcement officers employed for the patrol of a public elementary or secondary school; provide 

HB 673 Motor vehicles; prohibit actions which distract a driver while operating a motor vehicle; provisions 

HB 676 Property; protections for military service members in the event of foreclosures to enforce secured obligations; provide 

HB 679 Local government; no annexation or deannexation shall be effective 90 days prior to and ending on the date of a municipal election; provide 

HB 696 Sales and use tax; certain computer equipment sold or leased to certain entities for use in high-technology data centers; create exemption  
HB 698 Special license plates; Georgia Tennis Foundation; establish 

HB 702 Postsecondary education; service cancelable education loan program for students in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics who work in certain positions; provide 

HB 704 Civil practice; burial of construction waste or materials; change when statute of limitations shall accrue for certain actions 

HB 705 Magistrate courts; jurisdictional limits for certain civil claims; increase 

HB 713 Postsecondary education; HOPE and Zell Miller eligibility requirements relative to students who graduated from an ineligible high school; provide (Postponed)

HB 718 Education; certain absences of students with parents in service of the armed forces of the United States; excuse 

HB 719 Buildings and housing; housing authorities to develop and implement policies granting housing preferences to veterans who are homeless; require 

HB 722 Move on When Ready Act; definition of eligible postsecondary institution; revise 

HB 737 Law enforcement; court-ordered blood tests for protection of officers who have significant exposure to HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C; provisions 

HB 738 Probate courts; term for the purpose of the right to offer a will for probate; define 

HB 745 Landlord and tenant; termination of a residential rental agreement under circumstances involving family violence; provide 

HB 750 Motor vehicles; veteran serve during wartime to be eligible for free driver's license; remove requirement 

HB 754 Insurance; division of a domestic insurer into two or more resulting domestic insurers; provisions 

HB 755 Health; pilot program to provide preexposure assistance to persons at risk of HIV infection; establish 

HB 759 Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program; prior school year requirement; revise 

HB 762 Quality Basic Education Act; sexual abuse and assault awareness education in kindergarten through grade 9; provide 

HB 764 Crimes and offenses; lawful possession of certain quantities of low THC oil and marijuana; provide 

HB 765 C.J.'s Law; enact 

HB 766 Special license plates; Alabama A&M University; establish 

HB 774 Property; vehicle immobilization devices to be applied to trespassing vehicles on certain property; provisions 

HB 775 Professions and businesses; real estate management companies; provisions 

HB 779 Emergency management; homeland security division; provisions 

HB 781 Sales and use tax; comprehensive revision of tax for educational purposes; provisions 

HB 791 State government; limited waiver of the state's sovereign immunity for declaratory or injunctive relief under certain circumstance; provide 

HB 793 Sales and use tax; certain aquarium construction; provide exemption (Postponed)

HB 797 Special license plates; amount of proceeds disbursed to the Georgia Aquarium; change 

HB 798 Special license plates; provisions relating to a special license plate for the personal vehicles of firefighters; amend 

HB 803 Crimes and offenses; trafficking a disabled adult, elder person, or resident; prohibit 

HB 804 Motor vehicles; exemption for persons licensed as private detectives concerning motor vehicle window tint; revise 

HB 808 Courts; term of court in certain counties in the Waycross Circuit; change 

HB 810 State government; local workforce development boards and committees to conduct meetings via teleconference; authorize 

HB 811 Revenue, Department of; authorized to share tax information that assists in the identification of noncompliant taxpayers; provide 

HB 812 Local government; fees and costs in magistrate courts and law libraries; provisions 

HB 817 Professions and businesses; certain weapons carry laws for persons licensed as private detectives and security agents; revise exemption 

HB 818 Insurance; health care provider shall choose the method of reimbursement by insurer; provide 

HB 820 Revenue and taxation; procedure for counties following a rejection of a tax digest; establish 

HB 821 Revenue and taxation; Internal Revenue Code; provisions 

HB 831 Georgia's Employment First Act; enact 

HB 834 Landlord and tenant; termination of a rental or lease agreement under circumstances involving family violence; provide 

HB 843 Revenue and taxation; tax credits; include any census tract in a county that contains a federal military installation and industrial park 

HB 844 Georgia Commission on Hearing Impaired and Deaf Persons; revise provisions 

HB 852 Quality Basic Education Act; student's continued enrollment in a public school under certain circumstances; provide 

HB 854 Sales and use tax; certain nonprofit horse shows, rodeos, or livestock events or exhibits; create exemption 

HB 855 Georgia Driver's Education Commission; additional penalty to be assessed for violation of traffic laws and ordinances; increase 

HB 877 Revenue and taxation; tax rate on modified risk tobacco products; lessen 

HB 879 Water resources; notice to local governing authorities prior to the dewatering of coal combustion residual surface impoundments; provide 

HB 887 Georgia Communications Services Tax Act; enact 

HB 889 Georgia State Indemnification Fund; revise when indemnification will be paid in certain circumstances 

HB 895 Crimes and offenses; sale to and by minors of drug products containing dextromethorphan; prohibit 

HB 896 Guardian and ward; guardians and conservators of adults; change provisions 

HB 897 Georgia Power of Attorney Act; revise 

HB 899 Contracts; limitation on disqualification of bidders; change 

HB 904 Torts; effect of a landowner charging an admission price or fee; clarify provisions 

HB 908 Education; certain individuals over 20 years old may be eligible to enroll in a state charter school; provide 

HB 917 Crimes and offenses; restitution; update terminology and change provisions 

HB 920 Domestic relations; department's information concerning the parties to an adoption under certain circumstances; allow for the use 

HB 927 Courts; certain information be provided to caregiver upon placement of a child; require 

HB 928 Education; extend period during which a student may receive a HOPE scholarship; provisions 

HB 929 Water and sewer projects and costs tax (MOST); additional renewals of tax; allow 

HB 930 Georgia Regional Transportation Authority; creation of certain community improvement districts; provisions 

HB 938 Insurance; limited credit insurance agency license; provide 

HB 940 Driver Services, Department of; mark and return surrendered licenses and personal identification cards; allow 

HB 944 Revenue and taxation; levy of joint county and municipal sales and use tax by consolidated governments; change certain provisions   

HB 948 Commerce and trade; banning commercial sales of regulated goods, products, or items; prohibit county, municipal and consolidated governments 

HB 950 Game and fish; modify seasons and bag limits for deer, opossum, and raccoon; provisions 

HB 951 Education; establish Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation; provisions 

HB 956 Georgia Veterinary Practice Act; enact 

HB 961 Local government; chief executive officer/county commission form of government shall not be authorized for county governing authorities in this state; provide 

HB 963 Quality Basic Education Act; annual development of promoted list of industry credentials that meet certain high-demand criteria; provide 

HB 969 Civil practice; burden of proof required for civil forfeiture proceedings; change (Postponed)

HB 971 Education; home study and private school students to take PSAT and advanced placement exams through local school system under certain conditions; allow  HB 973 Ethics in government; lobbyists shall acknowledge and agree to abide by sexual harassment policy of General Assembly; provisions  HB 982 Courts; relative searches conducted by DFCS; change provisions  HB 986 Waycross Judicial Circuit; judges of superior courts; increase supplements  HB 988 Game and fish; regulation of hunting with air guns of less than 0.30 caliber; provide  HB 998 Judicial Council; Office of Business Cases; establish 

There is also a list of HOUSE RESOLUTIONS:

HR 238 Sales and use tax; annual allocation of 75 percent of revenue from sale of outdoor recreation equipment for protection and preservation of conservation land; provide - CA 

HR 354 Georgia Department of Education; develop and provide a list of training materials to increase awareness of mental health issues and disabilities; urge 

HR 444 Willie Thomas Murray Memorial Bridge; Lincoln County; dedicate 

HR 447 Pornography; public health crisis leading to broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms; recognize 

HR 655 Gold Star Father Day; November 9 annually in Georgia; recognize 

HR 888 Joint Study Committee on Converting Closed Hospitals to Veterans Homes; create 

HR 913 House Study Committee on Incorporating Law Enforcement in the Pathway to Treatment and Social Services for Persons Having Challenges with Drug Use and Mental Health; create 

HR 940 Georgia; host the world's largest startup pitch competition; encourage 

HR 992 Local sales and use tax; use for educational purposes of a school system; authorize - CA 

HR 993 Business court; state-wide jurisdiction; create - CA 

HR 1017 State and local educational agencies and schools; dyslexia has a profound educational impact that must be addressed; recognize  HR 1036 State of Georgia; fund public awareness campaign in support of computer science education; urge 

HR 1089 United States Congress; pass the federal Marketplace Fairness Act; urge 

HR 1107 Economic Development, Department of; construct the emerging commercial space industry in Georgia; urge 

HR 1162 House Study Committee on the Establishment of a State Accreditation Process; create 

HR 1194 House Study Committee on Retrospective Emergency Room Policies; create.

HR 1225 Congress; pass the Building Rail Access for Customers and the Economy (BRACE) Act; urge 

SENATE BILLS SB on the Calendar:

SB 2 - "The FAST Act - Fairness, Accountability, Simplification, and Transparency - Empowering Our Small Businesses to Succeed" 

SB 101 Employees' Retirement System of Georgia; full-time hourly employee with Department of Natural Resources; provide for creditable service for prior service 

SB 131 Juvenile Code; adoption proceedings be stayed while an appeal to terminate parental rights is pending; provide 


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