January 11, 2021 - The goal of Georgia's Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission is to maximize compliance with Georgia's campaign finance laws to provide maximum transparency to Georgians about, among other things, where candidates, elected officials and independent committees are taking and spending money. This information is vital to knowing who is influencing elections in Georgia, and who elected officials may be beholden to. 

While enforcement of campaign finance laws is one way to increase compliance, so is education. To this end, the Commission is launching an initiative called Campaign Finance Commission - University. CFC-U is a free, comprehensive educational initiative that seeks to inform everyone involved in the process about Georgia's campaign finance laws to increase prospective compliance.

CFC-U will include:

  • Training sessions on topics including how and when to file disclosure reports, lobbyist filing requirements, and reporting requirements for independent committees. The training sessions will be live and recorded;
  • Frequently asked questions and answers, in written and video form, from Jake Evans, Chairman of Georgia's Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, and the Executive Secretary;
  • Weekly posts providing legal updates, important facts, and the on-goings of the Commission;
  • A rebranded web page to provide easier access to CFC-U and its resources.

"I thank the Commission staff for their hard work in building out and implementing CFC-U, and look forward to its full rollout soon," said Jake Evans, Chairman of Georgia's Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission.

CFC-U will continue the strides the Commission has taken in the past two years, enhancing prospective compliance with Georgia's campaign finance laws. For more information visit ethics.ga.gov.

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