July 20, 2020 - McCall Service, Jacksonville, Fla., announced the acquisition of Savannah, Ga. based Savannah Termite & Pest Control, LLC. The acquisition of Savannah Termite & Pest Control closed in July. The acquisition of Savannah Termite & Pest Control adds to the existing pest control business of McCall’s in East Georgia and the Low Country of South Carolina. This acquisition is the result of McCall’s ongoing effort to expand and align itself with high quality, professional pest control companies that add value to its existing and future clients.

“Mike and Deborah built an exceptional company with a strong brand and should be very proud of what they have achieved with their team. This acquisition adds even higher levels of density to our robust client base in East Georgia and the Low Country of South Carolina. It will help us achieve and maintain top-line and bottom-line growth levels well above that of the industry. McCall has serviced its commercial and government customers in the Savannah area for decades and is delighted to welcome Savannah Termite & Pest Control and its residential customers to the McCall family. All employees of Savannah Termite & Pest Control will transition over to McCall, be grandfathered into our robust benefits programs, and offered customized career plans for progression within the company moving forward, because opportunity abounds at McCall,” said Jennings Cooksey IV, General Counsel & Director, Business Development, at McCall.

Michael Warren, former owner of Savannah Termite & Pest Control, will enter into a consulting period with McCall and intends to remain very involved with the Savannah business community that has supported him the past several years.

"McCall has an exceptional reputation, for good reason. At McCall, it is clear they do things different. McCall is looking for builders that want to participate in a growth story and owners who are looking to find a worthy home for their employees and clients,” said Mike. Mike added: “I only see greater opportunities for my employees and more robust and higher levels of service being available to my clients with McCall. Indeed, I am confident that my people and my clients are in good hands with McCall.”

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