June 3, 2021 - The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), an international trade organization connecting more than 300 World Trade Centers (WTCs) in nearly 100 countries of which World Trade Center Savannah is a member, gathered more than 1,000 participants from 70 countries at its 2021 General Assembly. The first ever virtual General Assembly brought together 169 member WTCs and more than 570 B2B delegates from their global business networks consisting of leaders from business, government, academia, media and international organizations. Attendees participated in three days of livestream sessions and a full week of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered B2B matchmaking opportunities across all time zones.

“Although I am deeply disappointed that we did not get to meet in person, in some ways this was the most successful General Assembly ever held,” said WTCA Board of Director and World Trade Center Savannah Board President Scott Center. “There has never been and may never be an easier and more efficient way for a small to medium-sized business to trade on a global scale than this event. For me personally, it was thrilling to broadcast from the comfort of my office to 92 countries across the globe. It is not an exaggeration to say that the WTCA network has never been stronger.”

WTCA Executive Director-Business Development Robin van Puyenbroeck  stated, “We firmly put the WTCA on the map as an important voice on international trade, driving the conversation on the role of companies as purpose-driven social actors who need a voice in the debate on creating a more inclusive global trade infrastructure. With our tremendous global network, we are well-positioned to continue to lead critical conversations on this topic. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, we successfully introduced a new virtual platform for facilitating business matchmaking on a global level, across industries and sectors. With this event, we demonstrated the true power and potential of our global WTCA community and provided many tangible benefits to our members and their networks.”

Keynote speakers included Honorary Chairman of Royal DSM Feike Sijbesma, Senior Counsel of King & Spalding LLP Hamid Mamdouh and Director General, Private Sector Operations Department of the Asian Development Bank Suzanne Gaboury. Center also presented as the Chair of the Investment Committee. Further, attendees were introduced to WTCA partners of the Global Trade Helpdesk — an initiative by the World Trade Organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the International Trade Center — that simplifies market research by bringing together key trade information from across 11 different organizations in a single search.

To view the recordings of the livestream sessions from the 2021 WTCA General Assembly, please visit https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOmmsIBGK-4QGO2- BBFEGg7Qs8hCM0UyF. 

Individuals interested in becoming a part of this global network and learning more can visit wtcsavannah.org.

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