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Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Oct. 17 - Chambliss and Isakson Call for Restricted Travel From Ebola-Affected Nations in West Africa to U.S.

By Blake Olmstead, Managing Editor, SBJ

Oct. 17, 2014 – U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, have called for restricted travel from Ebola-stricken nations in West Africa to the U.S.

Both senators issued statements asking the administration to increase U.S. response to the potential threat to the spreading disease on the American people.

“Given the recent spread of Ebola in the United States, I share the deep concerns expressed by many Georgians about the risk this deadly virus poses to our public health,” said Chambliss. I believe exceptions can and should be made for essential personnel to carry out our mission of stopping the spread of Ebola at the source. Our nation continues to face a growing array of threats from around the world and must remain vigilant; I urge the administration to put in place a proactive and carefully thought out plan to protect the American people from the spread of this virus.”

"As a member of the Senate health committee, I believe that, given the transmission of Ebola in Dallas that originated from a passenger flying from West Africa, we need to temporarily restrict nonessential travel to the United States from Ebola-affected countries," said Isakson. "Additionally, I urge the president to take charge of coordinating and increasing the U.S. response to the growing threat of the Ebola virus to the American people. I take this situation very seriously and believe it is an urgent priority for the United States to contain this outbreak at its source, as well as to ensure that any additional cases that arise in the United States are quickly isolated."

Ebola has affected 5 people so far in the United States, with the first diagnosis on August 2nd. The latest wave of Ebola includes a Liberean man who was getting treatment in Dallas, Texas, and the two nurses who were treating him.

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