September 17, 2020 - At a Special Called Meeting of the Board on Wednesday, Sept., 16, 2020, Board members voted 8-1 to approve a phased in return to in-person learning beginning in late September. 

The plan calls for staff to return Sept. 28 and some students (Least Independent Learners, Pre-K – 2nd, 6th and first time 9th graders) to return to classrooms in a limited hybrid (two days in-person, three day online each week) format beginning Oct. 5.  District staff will work to the greatest extent possible to ensure siblings are able to be placed in the same cohorts to assist parents with planning. 

The phased return calls for a graduated approach. The entire district is currently in Phase 1 or the All-Virtual Phase. The Limited Hybrid is included in Phase II. 

The Resolution approved by the Board cites a tentative date of Oct. 26 for the district to move to an Expanded Hybrid plan in Phase III, contingent on certain COVID-19 transmission data points, that will bring all students who choose the hybrid option - PreK-12 - into the classroom two days a week, with virtual learning three days per week. 

Phase IV would be a return to the classroom for all students choosing the hybrid model four days a week with one day continuing as a deep cleaning/independent learning day.  No tentative date has been set for Phase IV to begin. 

Continued virtual learning will be available in all phases for families who choose this option. 

In the next few days, parents of students enrolled in the grade levels included in Phase II will be provided information on the next steps to determine if they will choose the hybrid in-person option or remain under the virtual model.  Additionally, more information will be provided in the coming weeks on health and safety in the classroom, the availability of transportation, meal service and required school supplies.

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