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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Dec. 3 - Georgia Power launches annual Winter Preparedness campaign

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

December 3, 2019 - Georgia Power encourages its 2.6 million customers to be winter-weather ready, as the company is once again partnering with FEMA, GEMA, GDOT and the National Weather Service for Winter Weather Preparedness Week (WWPW), which will take place Dec. 2 – 6. 

The 2019 campaign revolves around an online video series hosted on Georgia Power’s YouTube channel. Each day of the week will focus on a different preparedness tip or action that customers can take to help their families become winter-weather ready. 

Preparedness Video Schedule

  • Dec. 2 – Regional Risks- Understand what weather risks impact Georgia
  • Dec. 3 – Watch vs. Warning- Knowing the difference could save your life
  • Dec. 4 – Stay Connected- Resources like emergency alerts & outage maps help you stay informed
  • Dec. 5 – Winter Road Safety- What to do on the roads after the storm
  • Dec. 6 – Equipped with an Emergency Kit- Find out where to start and what to pack

For more information about staying prepared with Georgia Power, visit the company’s online storm center at For more information about Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s preparedness efforts, visit the Ready Georgia website.

Winter Weather Energy Efficiency

In addition to taking safety precautions leading up to severe winter weather, Georgia Power reminds customers that a few easy steps around the house can help them save money and energy during the winter months. 

  • Let the Sun Shine In – Keeping the blinds and shades open during the day is a no-cost way to naturally heat your home. Close them at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows.
  • Let it Flow – Heating and cooling accounts for as much as 50 percent of a home's typical winter energy usage. Maximize the efficiency of your units by changing the filters once a month, or every three months for pleated filters.
  • Thinking Thermostats – Install a smart programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the home's temperature settings when you are away from the house and save up to $100 a year in energy costs.
  • Caulk & Strip – Replace cracked or peeling caulk or weather stripping around doors and windows to save up to 10 percent on energy use.
  • It's Great to Insulate – Keep heat where it belongs with proper insulation in attics and walls. You'll save energy 24/7 and be eligible for hundreds of dollars in rebates from Georgia Power. 

Customers can visit for hundreds of easy energy tips, access to a free online energy checkup or a free in-home energy audit and a variety of rebates and incentives for both homes and businesses. If customers need assistance paying their bill, Georgia Power is here to help. The company works with customers to coordinate payment arrangements and discounts such as the Senior Citizens Discount and can connect them with community organizations which may be able to help them pay their bill including The Salvation Army's Project SHARE program. Additional information about bill payment assistance is available at or via phone at 888-660-5890.

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Nov. 26 - Final containment vessel ring placed for Vogtle Unit 4

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

November 26, 2019 - The final containment vessel ring has been placed for Georgia Power’s nuclear expansion project near Waynesboro, Georgia, with the third ring of the Unit 4 containment vessel set last week. This marks the sixth and last containment vessel ring to be placed for the Vogtle 3 & 4 project. 

Weighing more than a jumbo jet, with a diameter of 130 feet and standing approximately 38 feet high, the ring is a key structural part of the Unit 4 high-integrity steel containment vessel that houses critical plant components, including the reactor vessel.

Significant progress continues at the site with recent milestones completed, including the placement of the final reinforced concrete portion of the Unit 4 shield building. The 148-cubic yard placement took eight hours to complete and, once cured, allows for the placement of the first course of double-decker panels. Also, the upper inner casing for the Unit 3 high-pressure turbine has been placed, signifying the completion of the centerline alignment, which will mean minimal vibration and less stress on the rotors during operations, resulting in more efficient power generation.

Vogtle 3 & 4 is currently among the largest jobs-producing construction projects in the state of Georgia, with more than 8,000 workers currently on site, and more than 800 jobs available once the units begin operating.

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Nov. 20 - Chatham County Police Department Issues Gift Card Scam Warning

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

November 20, 2019 - The Chatham County Police Department is warning people to be aware of an ongoing scam involving gift cards.

In the scam, a caller says there is an urgent reason that someone should go to a store and purchase gift cards – and then turn the gift card numbers over to the caller. In some instances, callers claim that a warrant is out for an individual’s arrest, and that they can avoid arrest by purchasing gift cards as some type of payment.

Any phone call you receive requiring you to purchase a gift card and then turn it, or the number, over to someone else is almost certainly a scam. Once the gift cards are purchased and the number turned over to the caller, it is basically impossible to have your money returned to you. Many of these scammers are from other countries, and very difficult to trace. Your best protection against these crimes is to never give money to, or make any type of purchase for, someone you do not know.

The elderly are especially vulnerable to these scams, and those with elderly family members are urged to pass along these warnings.  Make sure elderly family members understand that they should never give out any financial or personal information over the phone to a caller, and never make a gift card purchase for someone they do not know.

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Nov. 26 - GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) Receives New Grant

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

November 26, 2019 - Department of Driver Services (DDS) Commissioner Spencer R. Moore recently announced the receipt of a grant award of $50,182.86 from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) for continued support of the State of Georgia Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP).  ADAP is a course designed to increase awareness among teens of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and the consequences of operating a motor vehicle while impaired or distracted. 

“We are grateful for the continued help and support received from GOHS to address the risks associated with operating a motor vehicle while impaired,” said Commissioner Moore. “This partnership allows us to bring this important program to teen drivers and their parents throughout the state and ultimately make our roads safer.”

By law, teens under the age of 18 are required to complete ADAP to obtain their Class D Georgia driver’s license.  In Fiscal Year 2019,  129,346 students completed the program either at their high school, as part of a driver training course, or online through eADAP. DDS also offers a free online ADAP component and non-certified 3-year Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) for parents. In addition, 150,000 ADAP student workbooks were shipped during the same fiscal year.

This grant award will be used to fund an Operations Analyst who provides technical assistance related to ADAP and eADAP services, responds to customer emails and telephone calls, maintains close communication with instructors, assist teens with obtaining replacement certificates, produces comprehensive reports and trains instructors to teach the ADAP curriculum.   

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Nov. 19 - Chatham Emergency Services Donates Ambulance to Woodville Tompkins High School

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

November 19, 2019 - Chatham Emergency Services recently donated an ambulance to Woodville Tompkins Technical and Career High School. CES’s CEO Chuck Kearns delivered the ambulance to the school and met with school officials to discuss how the ambulance will play a role in the education of various students.

The school’s Medical and Allied Health Program was created for students who are interested in pursuing a career in first response. These students will use the ambulance to see firsthand the various components of the vehicle and how the equipment plays a role in lifesaving techniques and capabilities. The automotive department of the school will also use the ambulance to explore the mechanics of the truck.

“We’re happy to donate this ambulance to assist in the education of students who are interested in emergency medical services and want to pursue a career as an EMT or Paramedic,” said Kearns. “Chatham Emergency Services proudly supports Savannah Chatham Public Schools and its efforts to provide hands on training and education to build and sustain the future workforce of the healthcare industry."


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