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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Business Buzzzzzzzz

JAN. 17 - Business Buzzzz

Fox and Weeks Funeral Directors made a generous $5,000 year-end donation to Hospice Savannah, Inc. in honor of the families they have served in 2010 and to support the vital services that hospice provides for the community.

“We see how hospice services touch the lives of so many people during difficult times, and we feel a tremendous admiration for hospice professionals,” said co-president Jim Weeks.  “We recognize that hospice professionals and volunteers are special people, and we believe it is important to do everything we can to support the efforts of these vital and irreplaceable organizations.”

The Weeks family knows from personal experience how much comfort and benefit hospice professionals can provide. In a recent letter to Hospice Savannah’s employees they wrote; “Not very long ago, the Weeks family witnessed first hand the meaningful and wonderful care that hospice provides. When our family matriarch, Elizabeth Solana Weeks, was terminally ill a hospice professional was with our family around the clock to gently provide comfort for the patient and information to our family. We will never forget how much hospice meant to us during one of the most difficult times we ever faced as a family, and certainly every family served by hospice feels the same abundant gratitude we do.”

“Families who work with hospice when a loved one dies always seem so much better prepared when the time comes, and that preparedness comes from the information, compassion and education provided by the hospice professionals,” said Matt Weeks, Vice President of Fox Weeks, a family owned and operated funeral home that has been serving Savannah for nearly 130 years.

Accepting the donation was Hospice Savannah president and CEO Debra Anthony Larson and Hospice Savannah Foundation vice president Megan Kerley. Community-based Hospice Savannah, Inc. does not pay dividends to share holders but instead uses such financial gifts to provide the “extras” their patients have come to expect. A homelike Hospice House, massage therapy, music therapy, and story keeping are available and bereavement support is offered freely to anyone in the community regardless of the nature of the loss. Full information is available on the hospice’s Web site:


Terry Bunch of Rayonier was elected as the Chairman of The National Industrial Transportation League ’s (NITL)Board of Directors. Bunch succeeds Mark Maleski of J.C. Penney Co. who just completed his second consecutive one year term. As chairman of the board, Bunch also serves as chairman of the League ’s executive committee.

“I look forward to working with the League’s executive committee, board of directors and the staff in Washington,” said Bunch. “The League’s leadership on issues that affect all shippers in unmatched, and I know we have important challenges ahead of us.”

Also elected to the board and its executive committee as the NITL treasurer is Rick Webb of Watco Companies. He succeeds Mary Pileggi of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company who held this position. She was in turn elected to serve as the organizations third vice chair.


Chatham County is pleased to announce that its employees have raised an unprecedented amount of $125,616 during this year’s United Way Campaign. After maintaining the “county goal” of $75,000 for the past few years this year’s goal was raised to $82,500. The total of $125,616 represents a 152 percent increase over the goal!

There was 100 percent participation from the County Attorney’s Office, Finance Department, Internal Audit, Live Oak Library and the Purchasing Department. This was the third year in a row for 100 percent participation from Purchasing. The Sheriff’s Department had the highest department total with $37,784.  In addition to its 100 percent participation, Live Oak Library was a Coastal Empire Campaign Pacesetter and got the Chatham County Campaign kicked off with $12,464.

While all county employees should be commended for their commitment to this campaign this year’s success would not be possible with out the leadership and dedication of campaign chairman, Public Defender, Michael Edwards and Leigh Alford, of the Human Resource Department, who served as the loan executive during the campaign.


The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum
has opened a satellite location in City Market located in Historic Downtown Savannah. The museum hopes the addition of this new location will attract visitors from the Historic District to visit one of the world's most powerful museum experiences, the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

The Department of Justice held its 27th annual Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Director’s Awards Ceremony last month, during which 159 award recipients from more than 45 districts were recognized for their dedication to carrying out the mission of the Department of Justice.

Among the award recipients was Joseph D. Newman, Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia.  Recipients included Assistant United States Attorneys, law enforcement agents, litigation teams and others who have made outstanding contributions in federal, state and local law enforcement.

“These award recipients have been honored for their service and dedication to our country, as well as to their local communities,” said Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Each of these committed public servants has helped to advance the Justice Department’s critical work.  Their contributions have had a powerful impact in ensuring the strength of our justice system, the security of our communities, and the promise of our democracy."

United States Attorney Edward Tarver, who attended today’s ceremony in Washington said, “Our office is proud of the decades of outstanding service Joe Newman has provided the Southern District of Georgia, and all of our employees in Savannah and Augusta are proud to work alongside Joe in the common goal of justice.”


The City of Savannah received an early Christmas gift in the form of its first-ever electric vehicle, which began operations in mid-December.
When it was time for the City’s Cemetery Conservation Crew – which restores stone, masonry and ironwork in Savannah’s three historic municipal cemeteries – to retire its decade-old gasoline engine pickup truck, the City opted to replace it with an electric truck. The crew generally travels short distances in confined spaces, but needs a vehicle to haul tools and equipment. The low speed and low mileage associated with the work is an ideal application for an electric vehicle.  The small truck is street legal while being able to maneuver on narrow cemetery aisles and haul a 1,075-pound payload.  It can travel up to 40 miles between charges on a standard 110v outlet. And while it was comparable in price to a traditional truck, it costs much less to operate - just 2-3 cents a mile. It also makes virtually no noise and has zero emissions, making it a better fit with the quiet cemetery environment and the sensitive historical structures within the cemeteries.
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