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Monday, December 16, 2019
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Business Buzzz, Sept. 7, 2009

A LOT of feedback on the City of Savannah and SDRA’s efforts to try to attract locals to Savannah’s downtown for dining and shopping, a marketing campaign announced last month.  But many are saying that before $500,000 is spent on marketing, City leaders need to create something for people to do once they get there.
Black leaders say that Black families don’t feel there’s anything for them to do downtown, so why would they go?  Whites are saying that there is a double problem…nothing to do and a continued perception about crime.

A number of cities, such as Reno and Palm Springs, close their Main Street one night a week during the summer and create a walking environment with a fresh vegetable market, street vendors, music and food vendors…creating something to see and do, and encouraging families to come and “stroll.” 

For Savannah, we'd need to add lots of visible police on foot, and make parking free for a few hours.  How about Thursday evenings in the summer?  We have strong tourist traffic on Friday and Saturday nights.  Thursdays could be targeted for locals.
But, hats off to the City/SDRA for trying!
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