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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Technology & Innovation

If You Want Candy, Wear the Costume

This week I started thinking about my fellow technology professionals. Often they dress overly casual. I’ve even witnessed shorts on the job, a thought that as a business owner makes my skin crawl. Times are tough and the job market even in technology has shrunk, while competition for those jobs keeps heating up. All of this made me think about Halloween and how much fun I used to have getting dressed up and hitting the streets in my annual quest to rake in the candy. I remember the pride I felt when adults complimented my costume. “Ooh, you’re scary,” and the “let down” when they couldn’t recognize what I was supposed to be; sometimes pangs of envy when I’d see better costumes would make me want to go back home and do a better job. This ritual, this yearly societal movement, taught me something very early: “Dress for the part”!
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