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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Nov. 9 - Savannah Encourages Girls Engineer It Day

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

November 9, 2017 - The local chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and other professional engineering societies are gathering to encourage involvement and create excitement about engineering to more than 300 Coastal Empire students.

The Society of Women Engineers recently announced the sixth annual Girls Engineer It Day, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, at Woodville Tompkins Tech and Career High School in Savannah.

The Girls Engineer It Day event encourages and educates the girls as they develop and discover the future through technology. This event will offer invaluable industry exposure to middle and high school students−as well as adults and educators−to different types of engineering. The event will allow all participants to make educated decisions about possible careers in the profession of STEM. By making engineering fun, we encourage young women to shine in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classes and explore opportunities in what is traditionally a male-dominated field.

The Society of Women Engineers wants to show all the participants that that any women can become an engineer and educate them in all the different variates there are to choose from. SWE wants them to grow up and take our places in the STEM industry of the Coastal Empire!

This event facilitates collaboration between students in grades 6-12 and practicing local engineers. Students will participate in multiple hands-on projects that will challenge them to be creative, promote teamwork and introduce them to the wonderful world of engineering. While Girls Engineer It Day is aimed at girls and women, both genders are encouraged to attend. Middle school and high school will participate in separate tracks of 3 classes lasting 1 hour each. There will be an Expo the first hour of the event where schools from middle through college and industry partners showcase their STEM with small hands on activities.

More registration information is available at

This is a three-part event:

Expo: Start the day with an Expo where the students will perform small hands-on STEM activities, all provided by local companies, surrounding universities and professional organizations

Students: Participants will be grouped by age for three one-hour activities. Each activity, taught by local engineers, is geared toward different types of engineering.  This year we are teaching aerospace, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering

Parents and Teachers: Free of charge, these sessions will teach parents and teachers how to keep students interested in STEM activities. Participants will learn what resources are available in the community, Web and through local companies.


High School



Build your own solar powered robots!

Lightweight Structures


Construct lightweight, cost effective wing structures for airplanes.

Bernoulli Levitator



Suspend an object in the air using Bernoulli Principle.

Middle School


Light Wind


Use wind to power a motor to generate enough electricity to light an LED.



Design a lightweight cost effective bridge and compete to see if it meets the specs!

Heavy Lifting


See if you can construct a rocket to the moon and see how much it can lift! 

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