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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Harris Penn Lowry DelCampo Delivers Georgia's #1 Verdict for 2010

SBJ Special Report

Oct 10, 2011 - A verdict won by the law firm of Harris Penn Lowry DelCampo, LLP (HPLD) of Atlanta and Savannah has been recognized as one of the largest verdicts of 2010, in a recently published report.

VerdictSearch's recently released "Top Verdicts of 2010" reports that the firm secured Georgia's largest verdict last year as well as numbers five, nine and 17.

In 2010 HPLD, which serves clients across the country, won more than $77 million in verdicts. "Many of the people we represent have no voice, no other way – except through the court system – to seek the assistance needed because of significant harm caused by the negligence of others," according to HPLD partner Stephen G. Lowry.

"It's rewarding when our work is recognized by the legal community," said HPLD fellow partner Darren W. Penn.

The largest verdict in Georgia in 2010 came in the case Terhune v Forum Group Corp. “That negligence was heart-breakingly clear in the $43.5 million verdict in Terhune vs. Forum Group Corp,” according to the firm, where Lowry served as co-lead counsel. “Not only was it the state's largest verdict, it was also by far the largest judgment against a nursing home facility on record in Georgia,” according to Lowry.

"The conditions at Moran Lake Nursing Home in Rome, GA. were deplorable," said Lowry. "Our client's father was sent to the facility for what was supposed to be a temporary stay as he received rehabilitative care for stroke-like symptoms. He was otherwise in good health. Instead, Morris Ellison was malnourished, dehydrated, denied medical care for a broken hip and ultimately died."

The fifth largest verdict last year in Georgia was won in Corey Airport Services v City of Atlanta, Clear Channel.

Penn took on, along with HPLD partner Jeffrey R. Harris, the City of Atlanta and Clear Channel in a widely publicized corruption and bid-rigging case involving the advertising contract at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  In July of last year, a federal jury awarded $17.5 million to Corey Airport Services after finding that the City of Atlanta, Clear Channel and Barbara Fouch, Clear Channel's minority partner, conspired to deprive Corey of its equal protection rights while bidding for the advertising contract at the world's busiest airport in 2002.

The verdict was number five in the state overall and was the largest Constitutional Law judgment for the year, according to HPLD.  "The attention garnered by Mr. Corey's case encouraged positive changes in the handling of contracts awarded at the airport," said Harris. "We are grateful for the transparency in the bidding process that has grown as a result of new leadership and a new vision at City Hall. Mr. Corey looks forward to bidding on the airport advertising contract when the opportunity is presented."

In another case, Bilbrey v United States of America, the firm secured an $11.5 million verdict for Mary Bilbrey and her injured son, Anthony Bilbrey, after a United States Postal Service (USPS) employee was found negligent in the operation of his mail delivery truck. As a result of the car crash caused by the USPS employee days before Christmas in 2006, Mary, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was sent into early labor, suffered severe injuries and remained in a coma for five months. At the request of Bilbrey, the court appointed a conservator to ensure the funds awarded to Anthony are properly managed and distributed so he will be cared for throughout his life.

The case of Allen v Consolidated OB-GYN, DeKalb Surgical Associates involved Kathleen Allen's daughter, Tanyka Brydson, who was admitted to DeKalb Medical Center to give birth to her twins via cesarean section. After the procedure, Brydson's incision became infected and developed into necrotizing fasciitis, which required immediate, aggressive treatment as well as timely surgical intervention. Instead, it was delayed, according to HPLD.  “Ultimately, Brydson underwent multiple surgical debridements as her condition continued to worsen. Allen was eventually able get her daughter transferred to another hospital, but it was too late.  She ultimately died due to multi-system organ failure as a result of the negligent care of her physicians,” they explain. 

Harris and Lowry teamed to try the case and delivered a $4.3 million verdict, which was the 17th overall in the state as well as the largest Medical Malpractice judgment for the year.
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