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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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JULY 5 – LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, “Elected Officials,” by Vincent Hogan

To the Editor:


By Vincent Hogan. Mayor Pro Tem of Port Wentworth. Open Letter to Area Elected Officials and the Public


I am writing to you because all of you are tied to the City of Port Wentworth in one fashion or another. A couple of you were born and raised here while others have represented us in the State House and Senate flawlessly. By now you have heard the news that the City Council voted down the Hotel/Motel penny tax that would have funded the building of "The Ely Whitney Museum" in honor of the invention of the "Cotton Gin" last Thursday night.  I was the only Councilmember that voted in favor of the 1% tourism tax.
This rich historical identity of our city has been put on hold long enough and the idea of getting this passed will also fade into history as well without your direct influence and immediate intervention! The reason for the failure on the vote was said to be the economy? By the hoteliers own numbers, it would have come out to an average of forty nine cents per quest and no cost to the citizens of Port Wentworth. If the economy was really the main concern then why did the city also increase the tax burden of our citizens; especially our senior citizens during this horrible economic time?  By passing a cost of living adjustment "COLA" for all city employees, that will put the tax payers on the hook for an additional fifty nine thousand dollars per year from now on...(myself and one other member voted against!)


Ladies and Gentlemen the time is now for us to pass this historic venture and I need all of you to use your influence to convince the Mayor to put this back on the agenda and for him to convince his confidants to "Vote Yes!" when the city council if/will revote on it at the July City Council meeting!
The rich historical benefits to our city are enormous and will put our city on a national map, and we will be a grade school history travel destination, second only to Washington D.C.!

Please unite with me and use your friendship and/or political influence to make sure this happens on a local level and then use your political power to get it, done and re activate it on the state level!
Thank you for your help in advance!
Vincent Hogan: City of Port Wentworth, Mayor Pro tempore


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