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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Dec 12 – City Council Will Vote on $2.3 Million in Bids, Contracts and Agreements This Thursday

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SBJ Staff Report

Dec 12, 2011 – At its regularly scheduled meeting this Thurs. Dec 15, the Savannah City Council will be asked to approved $ 2.3 million in bids, contracts and agreements, including capital projects at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, providing water and sewer services for a new 98-unit subdivision on Hunter Army Airfield and building a new bathroom at the airport for taxi cab drivers. The bid on the latter issue will be for design only and the development of bid specs. No price for the bathroom facility is available yet.

The Savannah City Manager must get council approval for any bid over $25,000.  By agreement at a recent city council workshop, the City Manager agreed to bring all contracts to the council’s attention that cumulatively exceed $25,000 a year, even if work is bid throughout the year in smaller increments, but exceeds $25,000 over the course of a fiscal year.

In addition to price, bids are also given additional points in three areas:  (B) indicates local nonminority owned business; (E) indicates local woman owned business; and (D) indicates non-local non-minority owned business.

Bids, contracts and agreements up for a vote by the City Council this Thursday at 2:000 p.m. is:

- Casey South Collection Drainage Improvements Projects: Deduction of $ 94,790.62 with The Industrial Company. Staff recommends approval.  The original contract with this company was for the improvement of local drainage and the extension of basin drainage improvements deep into the Chatham Crescent/Ardsley Park neighborhoods. This area was previously plagued by structural, arterial and nuisance flooding caused by relatively frequent rainfall events. Massive box culverts were installed deep underground from the Casey Canal along 56th Street, Harmon Street, 48th Street and Paulsen Street. New infrastructure was also installed as the streets were restored over time, construction that has vastly reduced flooding in the areas served by the improvements. Field adjustments were made during construction “which caused minor changes to final quantities.” The project closeout has been delayed pending settlement of all claims with the contractor. The last claim was settled earlier this year.  Paid for out of 2011 capital funds.

- Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters Second Floor Renovations: Additional payment of $32,148.00 to Collins Construction over original bid.

The original contract was for the renovation of the Police Chief’s suite of offices on the second floor of the Police headquarters building including new finishes for all surfaces, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition) systems for the entire floor, restroom renovations including new fixtures, finishes, lighting and bathroom partitions, and finished wood floors in some areas. This contract modification includes additional work not included in the original scope of work including the addition of three rooms to be included in the renovations, additional plumbing to bring hot water to the restrooms, repair of plaster throughout and a credit for carpet that will not be installed as the original wood floors will be maintained. Staff recommends approval. Paid for out of 2011 capital funds.

- Abatement and Demolition of Pennsylvania Avenue School – Event No. 29:  $230,000.00 to L.B. (D) McLendon Enterprises for abatement and demolition services for the old Pennsylvania Avenue School building, work to be completed includes the abatement of hazardous materials and the complete demolition of the school located on Pennsylvania Avenue. The entire site and disturbed area will be cleared of debris and seeded to establish new grass. The Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) goal for this project was 57% MWBE; 36% MBE and 21% WBE. The recommended contractor submitted participation of 61% MWBE; 40% MBE utilizing SABE and 21% WBE utilizing JJ Select LLC.  Paid for out of 2011 capital funds. The bidders were:

- L.B. (D) McLendon Enterprises $ 230,000.00

- Abatech Services $ 284,000.00

- Cross Construction Services, Inc. $ 302,557.00

- Purchase of Pickup Trucks – Event No. 30: $455,235.48 to  J.C. Lewis Ford.  The bid includes procurement of 27 pick-up trucks from J.C. Lewis Ford to be used by Vehicle Maintenance to replace trucks for various departments that are no longer economical to repair or operate. A pre-bid conference was conducted but no vendors attended.  Paid for out of 2011 capital funds. Staff recommends approval.  The bidders were.

- J.C. Lewis Ford $ 455,235.48

- Dan Vaden Chevrolet $ 514,617.00

- Hardy Chevrolet $ 520,092.00

- Grayson Stadium Roof Replacement – Event No. 25.  $193,635.00 to Coastal Roofing Company, Inc. for the replacement of the roof at Grayson Stadium.  The work to be completed includes the removal and replacement of damaged roofing materials on the upper and lower roof systems over the grandstands at the stadium. Bids were accepted from pre-qualified bidders only. Six bidders were prequalified for this project. The Minority and Women Business Enterprise

(MWBE) goal for this project was 23% MWBE; 15% MBE and 8% WBE. The recommended contractor submitted participation of 24.65% MWBE; 15.5% MBE utilizing AKI Partnership, Inc. and 9.15% WBE utilizing ACS Contractors, LLC.  Paid for out of 2011 capital funds. The bidders were:

- L.B.(D) Coastal Roofing Co., Inc. $ 193,635.00

- (B) Metalcrafts, Inc. $ 224,320.00

- (D) Roofing Professionals, Inc. $ 247,407.00

- Financial Audit Services – Annual Contract Renewal: $ 126,400.00 to Karp, Ronning & Tindol. The 2011 audit fee is not to exceed $126,400.00 which includes a minimal price increase based on the Consumer Price Index. While no renewal options were available, it was decided to

extend the contract an additional year with the same firm because of the implementation of the new financial software system and the need for experienced auditors in that process, according to the City Hall staff.  The method used for this procurement was the Request for Proposal which evaluates criteria in addition to costs. The criteria evaluated as part of this RFP were skills and experience, completeness of audit plan, experience with government audits and fees. Paid for out of 2011 capital funds. The proposers were:

B.P.(B) Karp, Ronning & Tindol $ 559,021.00

(D)        Mauldin & Jenkins $ 586,100.00

(D)        Cherry Bekaert & Holland $ 543,500.00

- Emergency Notification System – Annual Contract Renewal - $34,247.95 to Global Connect.  Staff recommends renewing annual contract for the city’s emergency notification system. The services are used by Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police, Fire and Emergency

Services, Public Development and the Public Information Office to notify citizens of emergency situations and provide information on various City activities in their area. The system can selectively notify the neighborhoods and areas that are affected without notifying unaffected citizens. The City bills Chatham County for half of the cost of this service.  The RFP was originally awarded to Cascade International; however they were unable to successfully implement their system. Global Connect was the second highest ranked proposer. The system has performed satisfactorily. Proposals were originally received August 29, 2006. The proposal has been advertised, opened and reviewed.  This bid will be paid out of 2012 funds. The proposers were:

B.P.(D) Global Connect

(D) Federal Signal

(D) Bipop

(D) Reverse 911 Sigma

(D) Cintech

(D) Twentyfirst Century

(D)+ Cascade Int’l

- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Equipment - $ 297,400.00 to Bristol, Inc. to procure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment. The equipment is needed to replace remote terminal units (RTU's) at various I & D locations (4 units), water wells (12 units), lift stations (30 units), and a regional water reclamation plant (1 unit), as well as providing spares for system inventory. An additional 10 units are being purchased for lift stations that currently do not have units installed. Replacement units total $197,400.00; additional units total $100.000.00.  The remote terminal units control and monitor equipment at the remote sites.  This equipment will replace hardware purchased between 1994 and 2008 that has been discontinued and will prevent multiple programming languages and software from being required. The new equipment also increases the ability of remote sites to store more data locally and to use different forms of communications to report back to the central site via the City fiber network, a cellular network, cable network or through wireless technology. This purchase will also allow for a single stream of parts inventory. The reason why a sole source vendor is required is that this equipment must be compatible with the existing equipment and Bristol is the only supplier. Bristol has agreed to the same pricing discount as was proposed for the original system installation several years ago for a total of a 15% discount. Funds are available in the 2011 Budget.

- Leachate Methane Stripping Engineering Services – $46,030.00 to Hussey, Gay, Bell and DeYoung to procure engineering design services for Leachate Methane Stripping.  The services will include the design and construction oversight for facilities necessary to remove concentrated methane gas from the landfill leachate and collection system. Because of the increased organic

materials being diverted to the landfill due to the closure of the Resource Recovery plant, the levels of methane gas leaving the landfill cells and entering the collection system have risen significantly and presents a hazard to employees and facilities maintaining and operating the collection and pumping systems. The urgent need requires that a solution be immediately designed and implemented. A temporary work around is in place to reduce the levels of methane within the collection system. The recommended proposer has performed the preponderance of design work associated with the Dean Forest Landfill and has assisted City staff with the evaluation and study of various proposed solutions to correct this problem. Funds are available in the 2011 Budget Capital Improvement fund The bidder was:  S.S. (D)Hussey, Gay, Bell and DeYoung $ 46,030.00

- Hydraulic Hoses & Components – $ 57,000.00 to Savannah Drive Line.  An annual contract renewal.  The hydraulic hoses and components will be used to repair and maintain the City's vehicle fleet. Funds are available in the 2011 Budget, Internal Service Fund.  There are (2) two renewals remaining for this contract:

- L.B.(B) Savannah Drive Line $ 57,000.00

- (C) Applied Industrial Technologies (Partial Bid) $ 14,350.00

- Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle for Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan

Police Department: $ 87,834.00 to Shark Marine Technologies. For the Marine Bomb Squad, procurement of an underwater remote operated vehicle to be used by SCMPD Bomb Squad Marine Unit.   Funds are available in the 2012 Budget, Homeland Security The reason for the sole source procurement is that the manufacturer is the only North American vendor. There are two additional distributors located in Europe and Australia, but shipping costs from these sources prohibit competitive pricing with this manufacturer.

- Medical Fitness Examination, Testing and Evaluation Services – $ 161,137.50 to St.

Joseph's/Candler Health System, Inc.  This is an annual contract renewal.  The services will be used by Savannah Fire and Emergency Services to provide annual health/fitness evaluations required for certification of uniformed employees. The contract will also provide initial candidate evaluations, hazmat exposure assessments, counseling and referrals for work related injury and illnesses for department personnel. Funds are available in the 2011 Budget, General Fund/Fire Administration While only one response was received, pricing was solicited from all known sources.

- Ultra Violet Disinfection Module: $90,830.00 from Wastewater (WEDCO).  The U.V. Module will be installed at the Crossroads Water Reclamation facility which uses ultraviolet

technology to disinfect wastewater during the biologic treatment process. Currently the two Ultra Violet disinfection modules allow the plant to treat up to 3 million gallons of effluent per day. With growth in the service area for the Crossroads Water Reclamation Facility the flows are beginning to rise. Adding a module will allow the processing of up to 6.1 million gallons per day. The reason for the sole source vendor is that ITT Water and Wastewater is the manufacturer of the U.V. disinfection system at the Crossroads plant. Funds are available in the 2011 Budget, Water & Sewer Operating. Fund The additional module must be compatible with their system.

- Juniper Edge Switches – $ 105,980.50 to Juniper Virtual Private Network (VPN). This equipment allows City network users at any location with an internet connection the capability to

access the City's network. This is especially advantageous during emergency management situations. The switches being replaced as part of this purchase are part of a group of switches from another manufacturer purchased in 2005 and are going out warranty in early 2012. This purchase will place the entire City network on the same platform allowing implementation of better security. Funds are available in the 2011 Budget, Computer Replacement Fund/Computer Purchases This reason for the sole source is this vendor was approved by Council for the City's network Juniper VPN expansion in September, 2007 and the City desires to standardize its networking systems with Juniper equipment.

- Hydrated Lime – $ 161,940.00 to Mississippi Lime Company.  Annual Contract Renewal. The lime is used by Industrial and Domestic (I & D) Water in the treatment of water.  Funds are available in the 2011 Budget, I & D Water Operating Fund. This is the last of two renewal options available. The bidders were:

L.B.(D) Mississippi Lime Company $ 161,940.00

(D) Cheney Lime and Cement Company $ 171,500.00

(D) Chemical Lime Company $ 177,540.00

(D) Carmeuse Lime & Stone, Inc. $ 200,750.00

(D) Southern Lime Company $ 212,580.00

- Parking Garage Access Equipment – $160,136.00 to ITR of Georgia.  An Emergency Purchase.  The gate equipment will be installed at Bryan Street Garage replacing equipment installed in 1995 during garage construction. The equipment allows monitoring of customer

access into and out of the garage and to accept payments for parking in the garage. Additionally monthly cards are monitored and customer accounts tracked through the companion software.

On December 7th a catastrophic software failure occurred with the Bryan Street Garage system. Although some gates continue to function, access cards cannot be issued to new customers, new customers must pull tickets to access the garage, customers cannot be locked out for non-payment of fees, entry/exit gates at Drayton Street no longer operate due to software communication failure and the gate equipment will have to be monitored manually by staff in order to control access. The gate equipment’s inability to communicate with the software is a particular issue because it provides critical internal controls to audit garage attendants. Council approved a contract in May, 2011 for new access control equipment installation at Robinson and State Street Garages which included a proposal for the Bryan Street Garage to be purchased at a later date.  Funds are available in the 2011 Budget, Capital Improvements Fund/The contractor will still honor that pricing. The proposer is: S.S.(F) ITR $ 160,146.00.

- Equipment Canvas Canopy – $ 102, 900.00 to Pioneer Construction for Operations Facility at  

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. The Savannah Airport Commission requests approval to enter into a contract with Pioneer Construction, Inc. in the amount of $102,900.00 for the Equipment Canvas Canopy located at the Operations Facility. This project consists of, but is not limited to, furnishing all labor and material to construct canopies for equipment to include concrete footings, structural steel framing, canvas covering, and electrical.  Bidders were:

L.B.(E) Pioneer Construction, Inc. $ 102,900.00

(D) Quality Enterprises $ 139,700.00

(D) Dabbs-Williams General Contractors $ 175,000.00

(E) Indicates Woman owned business; (D) Indicates non-local non-minority

owned business.

- Equipment Shed Expansion –  $139,000.00 to Pioneer Construction for Operations Facility at The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. This project consists of, but is not limited to, furnishing all labor and material to expand the existing equipment shed at the Operations Facility to include demolition, concrete footings, concrete pad, structural steel members, metal roofing, electrical, and concrete block.  Bidders were:

L.B.(E) Pioneer Construction, Inc. $ 139,000.00

(F) RL Construction Group, Inc. $ 168,823.00

(D) Colonial Properties, Inc. $ 174,320.00

(D) Dabbs-Williams General Contractors $ 180,000.00

(F) Collins Construction Services, Inc. $ 182,200.00

(D) Keith Ray Construction, Inc. $ 182,975.00

(D) Quality Enterprises $ 187,619.00

- Consultant Services for Taxi Waiting Area Toilets at Savannah/Hilton Head

International Airport. $ 35,460.00 to Ruth and Associates Architects, LLC.   The Savannah Airport Commission requests approval to enter into a contract with Ruth and Associates Architects, LLC in the amount of $35,460.00 for the Taxi Waiting-Area Restrooms. Services shall include providing specifications for a prefabricated building and generic drawings of

the building to house men and women restrooms; providing floor plans for the building, elevations of the building, and general drawings showing schematically how to construct the facility; providing the required specifications and construction documents for obtaining utilities which are not immediately adjacent to the existing taxi waiting area; providing a survey and

an overall site plan; providing grading drawings under and around the building footprint; assisting the Airport’s Engineering Department with preparing the bid documents and answering questions from bidders during the bidding period; reviewing submittals and shop drawings; and providing structural and civil services of Hussey, Gay, Bell and DeYoung and electrical services

provided by Rosser International. Ruth and Associates Architects is the Airport Commission’s Architect of record. Recommend approval.

- Airport Information Technology Upgrade Phase I (Fiber Inventory and Master

Plan Design):  $ 31, 314.00 to URS Corporation.  for Airport Information Technology (IT) Upgrade Phase I. Deployment of the original fiber optic infrastructure began in 1995. Since then, the Airport’s need for connectivity has grown tremendously. Numerous buildings, offices, and other structures have been added. As a result of this continued growth, the current fiber footprint must be upgraded and expanded.  A primary step toward developing the Master Plan is an evaluation and inventory of the existing fiber network. Knowing what currently exists will aid

in the development of a thorough implementation plan. The Fiber Master Plan itself is particularly important as it will serve as a guide for future network planning and development. The final publication of the Master Plan will contain drawings, tables, maps, and other visual aids that will be useful during each phase of the proposed IT upgrade process. Outside assistance from contracted professionals trained in design, planning, and facilitation, can bring experience and specialized knowledge of new trends and technology, as well as help avoid costly mistakes. URS is the Savannah Airport Commission’s Engineer of record and has qualified staff to assist and oversee this project.

- Water and Sewer Agreement for 98-Unit Residential Subdivision on the Hunter Army Airfield. Stewart Hunter Housing, LLC has requested a water and sewer agreement for Hunter Army Airfield. The water and sewer systems have adequate capacity to serve this 98-equivalent residential unit development located on Hunter Army Airfield. The agreement is consistent with policy directives given by the Mayor and Aldermen and has been reviewed and approved by the City Attorney for legal format, according to the City Manager.   Recommend approval by city staff.

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