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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Jan. 15 - GDOT Announces the Activation of Hybrid Beacon Signals on Bay St. to Increase Pedestrian Safety

Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

January 15, 2020 - Georgia DOT recently announced the activation of the HAWK signals on SR 25 Conn/Bay Street at three locations. These Bay Street HAWKs will be located between Tuten Ave. and Kenilworth St, East of Fell St. and between Kirkland St. and Ferrill St. This safety enhancement project is in conjunction with the W. Bay Street widening project in Savannah.
HAWK stands for High-intensity Activated Cross Walk, a device that helps pedestrians safely cross roadways while minimizing traffic delays. HAWKs are a type of traffic signal that is generally placed mid-block in high pedestrian areas and is designed to stop traffic when activated to allow pedestrians to cross safely. These hybrid beacons should elevate the level of safety for pedestrians crossing a multi-lane roadway while minimizing traffic delays.
“Georgia DOT’s top priority is driver and pedestrian safety,” stated District Engineer Robert McCall. “Although the HAWK Signal is very similar to the pedestrian’s view of a normal traffic signal, the motorists view will be quite different so, we urge drivers to use extreme caution until they become more familiar with this type of signal.”   

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