November 18, 2021 - Last week the Savannah Tree Foundation partnered with International Paper and the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 60 trees at Westside and Barjan Terrace Parks. The 60 trees planted by employees of International Paper and community members will add tremendous benefit to Savannah’s existing tree canopy. In addition to the planting, they also gave away 300 three-gallon trees to the general public. Recipients were able to choose from: Live Oak, Jane Magnolia, and Red Maple.

“We are excited to kick off our 2021 Planting Season with International Paper and the Arbor Day Foundation," announced Zoe Rinker, executive director of the Savannah Tree Foundation. "By planting 60 trees in city parks and giving away an additional 300 to community members, we are growing tomorrow’s urban forest and creating a more sustainable and successful Savannah.”

“The Savannah Mill is pleased to partner with The Savannah Tree Foundation and The Arbor Day Foundation to kick off the 2021 Planting Season," said Jay Wilson, Savannah Mill Manager. "We know the importance of trees and the benefits they provide. Planting trees and providing trees to our local residents will enhance the beauty of our neighborhoods and help contribute to a more sustainable environment.” 

 “We are proud to encourage and support local efforts to plant trees," said Dan Lambe, president, Arbor Day Foundation. "Cities and towns around the globe that line their streets and fill their parks with trees are building healthier, happier communities."

Trees offer vast benefits for the community at large. Thriving urban forests bolster human health, from encouraging physical activity to reducing respiratory illnesses stemming from air pollution. In the United States, park trees alone remove about 75,000 tons ($500 million) of air pollution each year. And urban trees reduce runoff of sediment, pollutants, and organic matter into streams, improving our water quality. Trees have also been shown to reduce crime, lower stress levels, and develop community pride.

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