June 22, 2021 - Sterling Seacrest Pritchard (formerly Sterling Seacrest Partners), a top ranked insurance brokerage and consulting firm, has again been named one of the top 100 commercial insurance agencies and brokerages in the United States by the Hales Report. The “Hales Top 100” list is based on 2020 revenue.

Each year, Dowling Hales ranks the top 100 commercial focused agents and brokers in the United States. This year’s list represents $51B of aggregate revenue and the firm (under its pre-merger name of Sterling Seacrest Partners) is noted as number 70. The Hales Report ranking was determined before the merger.

In March, Sterling Seacrest Partners, Inc. and Pritchard & Jerden announced plans to merge and operate as Sterling Seacrest Pritchard. The new company is the largest privately held, independent insurance brokerage in the southeastern United States. The firm employs more than 300 insurance agents and service team members with eight offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Columbus, Little Rock, Savannah, and Tampa.

“Sterling Seacrest Pritchard’s commitment to building our business through organic growth and attracting top industry talent has created a unique option in the industry for our employees, clients and insurance partners,” said David Paddison, President of Sterling Seacrest Pritchard. “We are excited to see how our revenues grow in 2021 with the merger of Sterling Seacrest Partners and Pritchard & Jerden. We are honored to be recognized by The Hales Report in this way and look forward to seeing how our newly formed business grows in the future.”

Click here to view the full Hales Top 100 list. Learn more about Sterling Seacrest Pritchard at sterlingseacrest.com.

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