Center Parc Credit Union Donates $3500 to Savannah Urban Garden Alliance.jpeg
Donna Williams, Center Parc Credit Union Community Development Liaison, Cami Sockow, SUGA Board Chair, Jennifer Drey, SUGA School Garden Liaison, Molly Clancy, SUGA Treasurer

May 4, 2021 - Center Parc Credit Union has donated $3,500 to the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance (SUGA). The Alliance partners with schools, farmers, philanthropists, local businesses, and volunteers to increase access to and knowledge of urban gardening practices in order to provide local citizens with access to fresh produce, healthy food, and a self-sustaining knowledge base that effectively eliminates food deserts.

“This donation will help Savannah Urban Garden Alliance expand its School Garden Manager program to a total of 7 schools in 2021,” said Jennifer Drey, school garden liaison and board member of the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance, “This programming makes it easier for teachers to get students out into the garden where they can both connect with nature and learn the life skill of growing their own food.”

Currently, 76% of the students in schools served by this programming are eligible for free or reduced meals. According to Feeding America, 1 in 5 children in Chatham County do not have a source of nutritious food.

“The youth are the roots of our future. Community gardens encourage physical activity as well as enhance knowledge of nutrition and fresh food. Therefore, supporting SUGA’s garden program aligns with our company’s community service mission going beyond serving members financial needs,” said Donna Williams, community development liaison for Center Parc Credit Union.

Williams says applicable nonprofits are encouraged to apply for future Center Parc Credit Union sponsorships at

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