September 1, 2021 - Horizons Savannah was awarded a $10,000 grant from Truist Foundation to help continue their work done through Horizons at Savannah Country Day School. 

"Funding from the Truist Foundation enabled us to provide much-needed in-person programming to students this summer," said Christy Edwards, executive director of Horizons Savannah. "With their support, we were able to staff each of our sites with a full-time nurse to assist with COVID precautions that created a safe environment for our students and faculty so they could focus on teaching, learning and reconnecting with peers after so much virtual learning." 

Horizons Savannah, an affiliate of Horizons National, provides six weeks of summer enrichment programming and additional year-round educational support to under-resourced families in the Savannah area. Horizons students participate in activities that boost literacy skills and encourage a love of reading. Through hands-on, project-based STEAM programming, students develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking. 

Additionally, more than 1 in 5 fatal drowning victims are younger than 14. In predominantly minority communities, the youth drowning rate is often 2-3 times the national average. Horizons provides every student with swimming lessons, and more importantly, the opportunity to build self-confidence through swimming. 

“At Truist we firmly believe that all people and communities should have an equal opportunity to thrive,” said Jenna Kelly, Truist’s Georgia regional president, on behalf of the Truist Foundation. “Through our partnership with innovative organizations such as Horizons Savannah, the communities we serve have a chance for a better quality of life. We’re proud to support their mission and help grow their impact.”

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