June 22, 2020 - Savannah SCORE and its team of Not-for-Profit Mentoring Experts are presenting a five-part “Lunch and Learn” webinar series designed to help the leadership of in-business NFP organizations explore strategies for successfully dealing with these challenging times. 

These are extremely challenging times for Not-for-Profit (NFP) organizations everywhere. The ways that NFP organizations support their clients and members are rapidly changing. Expenses continue, but the revenue needed to support programs and services has been severely impacted, if not halted.

The first webinar was June 12, 2020 and the remaining topics to be presented starting June 26 are: 

Best Practices for Re-Launching your NFP Operations

Friday, June 26

Presenter: Thom Greenlaw, Certified SCORE Mentor and Not-for-Profit Practice Leader

Learn the most up-to-date practices that NFPs should consider adopting as operations resume. This session will include the most up-to-date governmental guidelines as well as best practices in use regionally and nationally.

Register for the June 26 webinar: Best Practices for Re-Launching Your NFP Operations

Fundraising Strategies During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

Friday,July 10

Presenters: Thom Greenlaw, Certified SCORE Mentor and Not-for-Profit Practice Leader and Aileen Gabbey, Certified SCORE Mentor and Executive Director of Susan G. Komen of Coastal Georgia

Learn from SCORE Mentors on specific strategies being used by NFPs to raise needed funding during these challenging times. This session will include a case study of a local NFP organization as well as a review of recent studies on donor tendencies during similar times.

Strategies for Re-Engaging Your Members

Friday,July 24

Presenter: Tom Glaser, Certified SCORE Mentor and Retired Chamber of Commerce Executive

Member-based organizations have specific concerns and needs during a period of shut-down. Learn about strategies to engage current members as well as recruit new ones during this time of uncertainty. Survey data of local case studies will be reviewed.

Register for the July 24 webinar: Strategies for Re-Engaging Your Members

New Tools for Getting Out Your Message / Best Uses of Social Media

Friday,  August 7

Presenters: Mark Sutton and Savannah SCORE Marketing and Social Media Mentors

Learn new uses for social media that should be used during these times by Not-For-Profits. Best practices and samples of NFP websites will be reviewed during this interactive session.

To register for the August 7 webinar, visit New Tools For Getting Out Your Message - Best Uses of Social Media

Webinars in the series will be presented via Zoom from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. These webinars are made possible by the Wells Fargo Community Grant Program. 

To  learn more about the series and to register for all of the remaining Savannah SCORE NFP Webinars, visit savannah.score.org/content/NPOwebinarseries 

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