October 22, 2021 - Dewitt Tilton Group recently held a groundbreaking to commemorate the beginning of work on Pooler Carwash, located at 2001 Pooler Parkway.

The developer and client is Mosaic One, LLC, owned by DJ Desai, who is also CEO and founder of HD Companies. The Savannah-based innovative business network provides entrepreneurs a diverse selection of portfolio investments including hotels, private equity, asset management, automotive, banking and real estate development in both residential and commercial sectors.

“Mr. Desai is a great partner on a project like this. He has a vision and then lets us add our expertise to put the plan into action. And as always, I’m excited to get someone’s business built and help them get up and running,” said Chris Tilton, President of Dewitt Tilton Group. “I’ll never get tired of that.”

The 2,400-square-foot structure and surrounding grounds for automobile interior work and finishing will be built from concrete masonry units surrounded by split face columns, with a metal roof and stylish wood brackets. The design is from architectural firm SM7 Design of Beaufort, S.C.

“After the groundbreaking, we get to work and make sure this project comes in on time and on budget,” Tilton added. "We expect it to take 150 days to complete."

Earlier this year, the Dewitt Tilton Group built a Mint Carwash location on the south side of Savannah. Car wash buildings require special construction techniques, including a foundational slab thicker than that of a typical retail outlet, with properly placed trenches and drains to allow for water runoff. Intricate systems of plumbing and wiring need to be considered. These specific elements require extra coordination with the developer’s contractors working on the wider mixed-use site and the Dewitt Tilton Group's contractors.

“We really sink our teeth into projects like these. The location of this place, with so much more going in around it, ensures it’ll be another business success story,” Tilton said.

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