July 2, 2020 – For those who enjoy the plethora of dining offerings in Savannah – locals and tourists alike – this week brought more bad news about restaurant closings.

The owner of the Atlantic on Victory Drive, Jason Restivo, has announced that they do not intend to reopen.  The restaurant opened in November 2016, after a renovation of what was a previously empty business location at the corner of Drayton Street.

Posting on the restaurant’s page on Facebook, he writes. “Over the last 14 weeks, together, we’ve faced some of the most difficult challenges of this generation. Navigating this storm has been tough for Jen and myself. I know it’s been tough for you, too. We’ve made courageous choices and difficult decisions we never thought we’d make. It’s with both a saddened and strong heart, I bring this message:

Atlantic will not return for service in the Starland District. The decision was not an easy or likeable one to make. All of us witnessed many changes within our families, neighborhoods and our city; we’ve all made effort to make lemonade from lemons,” he posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page.  

Friends and customers have swamped them with regrets and compliments.

“As I write this post, I’m overflowing with joy, knowing how much I’ve grown and learned

while leading each employee at Atlantic. Serving our city, over the last 1,047 days, prepared me emotionally and mentally for this decision. For the last 30 days, I found myself spending more time preparing for the next chapter of life; taking time in one’s self is the success of one’s future.

My mind is clear because of the ever-lasting relationships created at the table and the love our community bestowed upon our family and our staff. It brings confidence to move forward in a positive way,” he shared.

“I thank you, our community for embracing a small quaint dining room with limited parking and no reservations for three and half years. I am grateful and believe we all walked away, full and in peace.”

Restivo was not only an owner and entrepreneur but also a respected sommelier, with a wine collection enjoyed by customers, part of the attraction of the neighborhood establishment.

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