October 7, 2020 - The Savannah City Council will tackle the next steps in addressing livability within the city limits at a work session on Thursday, Oct. 8, at 11 a.m, a stated focus issue of the Mayor Van Johnson administration and council.  

The City Council has adopted a mission statement “To provide exceptional public services to residents, businesses and guests, so they may experience a safe, healthy and thriving community,” and addresses what has been done well in the past, and what has not. 

In particular, the presentation states that there are core issues in what they are terming “Area C,” which includes the neighborhoods of Kayton-Frazier, South Historic District, Beach Institute, Eastside, Dixon Park, East Victorian, West Victorian, Cuyler/Brownville, Metropolitan, Thomas Square, Midtown and Baldwin Park, with a total population of 22,415 residents.

In the presentation which the public can view on the city’s TV channel and on Facebook, they will discuss plans to assess conditions related to core municipal services, including:

• Demographic data to better understand population needs

• Avoid duplication, where data already exists

• Plans to perform assessment periodically, every few years

• Establish minimum service level standards for all Savannah neighborhoods

• Compare neighborhoods to the standard, not to: other neighborhoods or a “magic number” that suggests “best”, “worst”, “livable”

• Use data to make informed decisions, focus resources, plan interventions

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