February 2. 2020 – The bills keep rolling in to make changes to the current Georgia voting procedures, used in 2020 for the primary, General Election and run-off election on Jan. 5, 2021.

Georgia State Sen. Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga) has introduced a number of bills to propose reforms to Georgia’s election system.

“Our recent General Election this past November highlighted a few areas of our state’s election system that require urgent attention,” said Sen. Mullis. “Our right to vote is one of the most sacred and cherished practices of our democratic republic. When Georgians do not trust that their voices are properly being heard, we owe it to them to address their concerns and find the proper solutions to restore their confidence in the process. As legislators, we must do all we can to secure the right to vote and ensure that the will of the people is properly reflected in our election results. I hope that these bills will serve as a starting point to begin the conversation on how we can improve elections in our state.”

The bills Sen. Mullis has introduced include the following:

Senate Bill 68 – Clarifying where and how absentee ballots may be delivered, including prohibiting the use of ballot drop boxes

Senate Bill 69 – Requiring an applicant for a driver’s license to explicitly indicate their desire to register to vote on their driver’s license application

Senate Bill 70 – Clarifying that an individual who has voted for U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative in another state will be prohibited from moving to Georgia to participate in a runoff election for U.S. Senate or U.S. Representative during the same election cycle

Senate Bill 71 – Requiring that a voter provide an authorized reason to vote by absentee ballot

Senate Bill 72 – Enhancing the process of discovering and removing deceased voters from voter registration records.

Senate Bill 73 – Limiting the number of entities authorized to distribute absentee ballot forms

Senate Bill 74 – Allowing poll watchers to have access to tabulation centers

In addition to the bills he will personally introduce, Sen. Mullis plans to advocate for and support bills filed by his colleagues to require ID verification when sending in an absentee ballot request, he states, in a press release today.

The status of each bill can be tracked on the General Assembly website at: https://www.legis.ga.gov/search?s=1029&m=31&p=1

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Elder Ned Williams

Let's call a duck a duck. The proposed changes to election rules in the the Georgia legislature is part of a white supremacist reaction to the increasing influence of non-white members of the electorate. If it walks like white supremacy and quacks like white supremacy, it's okay to call it white supremacy.

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