January 6, 2021 - After attempts to reach her for comment, Chatham County Board of Elections member Debbie Rauers responded late Wednesday morning regarding an alleged incident between her and a voting activist at the Savannah Civic Center. The incident occurred at approximately 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021.

After being offered the opportunity to speak with her attorney directly, versus being interviewed, Ms. Rauers chose to comment.

She fervently denies the allegations of Ms. Christina Magaña, a Latina community activist, who was participating in a “Party at the Polls” event in partnership with the Black Lives Matter organization. Ms. Magaña states that Rauers hit her with her car, purposefully, and that there are two other witnesses to the event who were interviewed by the Savannah Police Department.

But Rauers maintains that she did not hit the young woman, and that the encounter between the two of them “was civil.”

“She asked me to move my car, and I moved my car," said Rauers. "She was standing in front of it, practically sitting on the hood. I hit the horn. She asked to me to go in reverse, that is all there was to it.”

“She told me to back up. I said 'No, I’m not backing up.' She’s standing in front of my car so I could not move it.”

“These young people are creating problems that don’t exist. I was cordial. They had a band, and a food truck, and I asked her if she had permits. It wasn’t designated for her (the parking spot). It was not blocked off. I accommodated her, and said ‘Yes, I’ll move my car.' And then she tells me, ‘You can back up,’ and then, so then she puts her cell phone in my face, and I said, ‘Please don’t do that', and then I moved my car around [the] corner."

"She moved. That’s how I did it [moved the car.] She moved! Yes, meaning out of way,” Rauers states, when asked how she was able to drive and leave the area.   

Ms. Rauers then said, “What is happening to our country. Oh my God, Oh my God,” and hung up, ending the interview.

Ms. Magaña states that there were two other witnesses to Rauers hitting her with her car, the food truck driver and another volunteer, both of whom were interviewed by the Savannah Police officer who issued the police report.

“The police interviewed both the other witness and the food truck driver. They took a statement from all three of us,” stated Magaña.

According to the public affairs department of the Savannah Police Department, the incident report is still being completed and must be reviewed before being released to the public. There are not been an arrest warrant issued regarding Ms. Rauers, Coastal Empire News has confirmed. 

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We need to tone down both sides and live as we did before Trump. Not all Republican's are the enemy , not all Democrats are the enemy!

Rick Ellison President RUFF


Debbie Rauers needs to be charged for her crimes and I’m appalled at the Chatham County Police Department for not taking this seriously. Why is this woman above the law? Why does this woman get to use another persons identity to attempt to cover up a crime without any consequence for her actions? “What is happening to our country?” She asked. It appears that our country is making people like her feel that there shouldn’t be any consequences when they break the law. Why isn’t this a bigger story?

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