July 10, 2020 - Candidate for 2nd District County Commissioner Clinton Edminster is working with businesses across the district to provide Absentee Ballot Request forms for eligible voters leading up to the August 11 runoff. Forms will be placed in rain-proof brochure boxes installed outside businesses at Starlandia Supply, The Buccaneer Club, The Sentient Bean, Sisters of the New South, Don Callahan Real Estate, and Seafoodlicious. 

In March of this year Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sent out Absentee Ballot Requests to over 6.9 million active voters in Georgia in response to COVID-19. Raffensperger has announced that the state will not be sending out ballot requests for the August 11 runoff.

Last week, Edminster began handing out absentee ballot requests at his art supply store, Starlandia Supply, located on Bull Street. “We’ve handed out close to 100 forms to customers and neighbors in a matter of days. I realized we could reach more folks if we had more locations and could put the forms outside. This allows voters to pick up forms any time of day, not just during business hours. Again, it looks like local voting advocates will be working overtime to make sure our community can vote safely and securely.”

Edminster is interested in working with candidates and businesses across the county to install these form holders across the county leading up to the August 11 runoff. Anyone interested in helping is encouraged to contact him at Absentee ballot request forms will have instructions printed on the back and forms will be refilled weekly or as needed. Voters can also visit to learn more about the absentee ballot request process and request a form online.

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