July 13, 2021 - The Board of Elections of Chatham County has voted to approve proposed changes to precincts 7-11, 7-01 and 8-15.

The area of precinct 7-11 has experienced amazing population growth, and has outgrown its current poll location. It will be split into three precincts -- 7-11, 8-17, and 8-18. Savannah First Seventh-Day Adventist Church will continue to serve as the polling location for precinct 8-18, and the Savannah Campus of Georgia Tech will serve as the location for precinct 7-11. They are still securing a location for precinct 8-17.

“We appreciate the assistance of the Chatham County Board of Registration and the Metropolitan Planning Commission," said Billy Wooten, interim elections supervisor. "We are grateful for the support of the Savannah First Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Savannah Campus of Georgia Tech, who are assisting with this expansion. The voters of West Chatham and Savannah will greatly benefit from this change.”

The poll for precinct 7-01 will be moved to First Baptist Church of Garden City, the current poll for 8-15, in order to accommodate recent growth. The new polling location for precinct 8-15 will be the Cooper Center, managed by the City of Garden City, to move closer to the community it serves.

“We appreciate the City of Garden City and First Baptist Church of Garden City. Their ongoing support enabled us to make these two precinct changes that will benefit the voters of that area," added Wooten.

Visit elections.chathamcountyga.gov for more information.

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