By Lou Phelps, SBJ

The Chairman of the Chatham County Board of Registrars, Colin McCray, presented information to the Savannah City Council at their Thursday Work Session proposed additional locations within the city limits for boxes for drop-off locations where absentee ballots can be dropped deposited. 

Eight new locations have been identified by the Board of Registrars who met Wednesday.  The locations are in additional to the box at the Board of Elections office on Eisenhower Dr. which is available 24/7/365 to deposit a ballot. All boxes must be attached to a cement pad, and must be monitored by security cameras, under requirements by the Georgia Secretary of State elections division. 

A number of the new locations being proposed by the Board of Registrars needed Council approval, as they will be located on city-owned property.      One will be added, basically, in each of the City’s council districts, McCray stated. The League of Women Voters of Savannah underwrote the cost of the eight additional locations.

The new boxes on city property include at the Civic Center, located on the median on the Montgomery Ave. side;  at the W.W. Law Center;  at the Liberty City Center; and at the Southwest Library. 

Additional new locations include on Wilmington Island, at the County Police Precinct;  at Savannah State University, located outside the SSU gate on the LaRoche Ave. side; and at the UGA Extention Building in Garden City.

Mayor Van Johnson asked about a location in Pooler and/or The Highlands.  McCray responded that their request to put a box on Pooler city property “was declined.”  There are a limited number of governmental buildings in the Highlands, he said, “but the preliminary discussions we had about the use of a school property had concerns.”

Alderman Leggett asked if they were going to continue to try to work with Pooler and The Highlands, “and is there anything that we can do to reach out to help?”  McCray responded that they were still working to identify locations, including possibly the Mighty Eighth Museum, which is a Chatham County-owned property.

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