Cory Wilson Memorial donates AED
Cory Wilson Memorial Inc. awards automated external defibrillator (AED) to Park Place Outreach. (L-R): Lisa Wilson, mother of Cory Wilson; Kenny Wilson, father of Cory Wilson; Julie Wade, Executive Director of Park Place Outreach.

May 21, 2020 - Park Place Outreach recently received an automated external defibrillator from the Cory Joseph Wilson Memorial. The automated external defibrillator will be used at the teen homeless shelter as an emergency medical machine for individuals experiencing cardiac arrest.

“It is our hope that we never have to use the AED (automated external defibrillator) on any resident or staff member, but it is comforting to know that if a medical emergency arises, we have the equipment available that could possibly save a life,” said Park Place Outreach Executive Director Julie Wade.

Cory Wilson, a 21-year-old Georgia Southern student, died in 2013 due to a heart arrhythmia while on campus. The mission of the Cory Joseph Wilson Memorial is that every institute of higher education has a standardized emergency cardiac response team, as well as automated external defibrillators within a three minute distance to all campus locations.

Every year, the Cory Wilson Memorial raises money through charitable events and donors to purchase and donate automated external defibrillators for schools, community centers and institutions throughout Savannah. For more information on the Cory Wilson Memorial, please visit

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