November 16, 2021 - Fight the War Within Foundation, an all volunteer nonprofit organization, recently announced their 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and 2nd Annual Christmas Dinner. The purpose of the dinners is to provide a place where people can come together, from all walks of life, with a meal and sense of fellowship during the holiday season. The meals are provided by Fight the War Within, free of charge.

The Thanksgiving Dinner will take place on Thursday, Nov. 25, at the American Legion in Thunderbolt, from 2-5 p.m. Catering will be provided by The Dive Savannah, a local catering company with a mission-based focus and a strong supporter of veterans initiatives in the community.

“Selecting The Dive to handle our catering was a no-brainer,” says Ashli Clubine, Treasurer and Director of Technology for Fight the War Within. “Not only do Kristy Crill (owner of The Dive) and her team do a phenomenal job with both delicious food and beautiful presentation, but they give so much back to our community in so many ways.”

The meal will consist of the usual Thanksgiving dishes, including turkey, dressing, casseroles, and cranberry sauce, as well as some additions of Kristy’s own concoction. In addition to The Dive providing the catering, donations raised at the event will also benefit The Dive in their mission to provide holiday blessings to homeless veterans living in the Tiny Homes village at Dundee. Leftovers will also be distributed by The Dive to homeless groups following the dinner.

In addition to supporting The Dive at the Thanksgiving Dinner, Fight the War Within will also be collecting gifts from their Amazon Wishlist, to provide gifts to children receiving beds through the YMCA’s Place to Dream Program, which provides beds to children in low income housing.

The Christmas Dinner will take place on Dec. 25, from 5-8 p.m., at the American Legion in Thunderbolt, and will also be catered by The Dive.

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