Chatham County Police Department Honors New Officers and Recently Promoted Officers

November 8, 2021 - The Chatham County Police Department honored nine new officers and thirteen recently promoted officers during a ceremony at Old Ft. Jackson. 

The Pinning and Promotion Ceremony is a formal recognition of the achievements of officers who are beginning their law enforcement career, as well as those advancing their career through a promotion in rank.

The nine new officers either recently graduated from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, or from the Savannah Technical College Peace Officers Academy. The thirteen officers who were honored with promotions all received the rank of Corporal. 

The ceremony not only honors the officers, but also acknowledges the vital part that family, friends and mentors play as they champion law enforcement personnel throughout their career. Each officer chooses someone close to them who pins on their new badge – an act that symbolizes the importance of the support of loved ones for sworn police officers.

Those honored are:

Georgia Public Safety Training Center Graduates

June 2021

  • Samantha Carlson
  • Sandra Knezevich
  • Terry NeSmith
  • Shawn Wilkins     

Georgia Public Safety Training Center Graduates

September 2021 

  • Garrett Lowry
  • Keiven Oliver
  • Shawn Stapleton
  • Adam Tilley (High Academic Honors)

Savannah Technical College Peace Officer Academy Graduate

  • Antonio Webler


  • Corporal Terrance Allen
  • Corporal Genesis Castro
  • Corporal William Eng
  • Corporal Nickki Garman
  • Corporal Jacob Gililland
  • Corporal Gary Hill
  • Corporal Cody Jepsen
  • Corporal Stephanie Ojeda
  • Corporal Charles Powers
  • Corporal Marion Roberts
  • Corporal Philip Schenker
  • Corporal Jerry Simmons
  • Corporal Jadon Whipple

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