February 15, 2021 - Chatham Area Transit will suspend the 100X Airport Express shuttle service starting on March 8.

The Airport Express provides transportation to and from the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, while also serving some downtown hotel locations on the return trip. It costs passengers $5 for one-way trips or $8 for roundtrip tickets. 

The service is expected to be suspended for six to 12 months so that staff can evaluate ways to improve the route.

Averaging about 170 passengers a month at a cost amounting to about $80 per passenger, the service is one of CAT’s least used and most expensive.

Potential changes include using a smaller vehicle for the service or possibly altering the route and adding stops to increase usage.

The suspension is in line with CAT’s mission to provide transportation to residents and visitors in the most effective way possible, said interim CEO Valerie Ragland. 

“While we know change can be difficult for some, it is important that we continuously pursue ways to optimize our services to best meet the evolving needs of our customers,” Ragland said.

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Listen, i want to know why why you all in Savannah always think small? Why? Why don't Savannah come up with a plan and apply for federal assistance in planning a light rail line to link the airport and Effingham County to downtown. This will give Savannah a big boost and it will help create and build up areas and communities along the railway . It will bring in new investments and give Savannah a chance to really stand out in America and the world. Please Savannah officials start thinking big and stop help stunting the growth of Savannah and the region as a whole!

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