March 17, 2021 - The StormTracker 22 Weather Team has been independently named Southeast Georgia and the Lowcountry’s Certified Most Accurate forecaster for the third year in a row. The StormTracker 22 Weather Team is the only team in the area to ever hold this honor.

“With weather forecasting, accuracy can be the difference between preparation or disaster,” said WJCL ABC 22 President and General Manager Ben Hart. “For years our primary focus has been keeping you informed and safe. Jeremy and our weather team take the responsibility very seriously.”

“Precision in forecasting is critical in Southeast Georgia and the Lowcountry,” said Will Dillard, the station’s news director. “Our team understands that every single weather situation impacts our viewers and their families - their focus is to deliver critical and sometimes life-saving information quickly and accurately.”

“From the threats of severe weather or hurricanes, or just planning a beach day, our team understands the importance of an accurate forecast,” Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Nelson added. “We are honored to have once again earned the status as the area’s most accurate weather team and will continue to work hard to keep our viewers’ trust.”

Joining Nelson in the honor is Weekday Morning Meteorologist Jonathan Myers, and Weekend Meteorologists Melissa Hall and Victoria Kokinos.

WeatheRate is the only independent weather forecast verification company in the United States, and was founded by Bruce Fixman. The company is not affiliated with any local television stations or their owners.

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