June 23, 2020 – Another car manufacturer announces they’re investing in Charleston, SC, albeit a very small one.  

First it was BMW, which opened their largest factory in the U.S. in 1994 outside Spartanburg. Then, Mercedes-Benz opened a Sprinter plant, and now Arkonik, the company name that restores and re-manufactures the iconic Land Rover vehicle, has announced they will build at North American headquarters in Charleston. 

South Carolina worked hard back in 2015 to land a major Land Rover plant there, but it never came to fruition, like Savannah trying to land a Chrysler plant on the “mega site” at the intersection of I-95 and I-16. 

According to Arkonik CEO Andy Hayes, “Less than a year ago, within the foundry of Arkonik’s ambitions, a brand-new objective was cast: locate and develop a U.S. business hub from which to better serve our North American clients. Multiple prospective locations in various states were considered, visited, and then reviewed. In the final analysis, no other setting came close to offering the unique home we felt Charleston could provide. Arkonik is thrilled to call Charleston home.”

Also mentioned in the press release was their intention to hire a dozen employees. In addition to over 70 workers in England, Arkonic Ltd. will have more workers than many Tier-1 suppliers. “We are packing our bags for Berkeley County, so stay with us for all your Arkonik updates.”

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