By Lou Phelps, SBJ

October 17, 2019 – Once again this year, Gulfstream Aerospace has announced a series of layoffs at its facilities around the U.S., including a layoff that will affect Savannah area employees. Layoffs at the company in the 4th Qtr of the year are not uncommon, and are based on purchasing cycles of the manufacturer's various product lines.

According to the company, in a statement today to the SBJ, “As part of Gulfstream’s normal, disciplined business practices, we routinely evaluate our costs, capabilities and workforce requirements. And sometimes, when we expand in one area, we have an offsetting contraction in another. In the past 10 years, Gulfstream has grown considerably, more than doubling its workforce. In order to ensure Gulfstream’s continued long-term success, we must consistently evaluate the size and structure of the business and adjust accordingly. We will continue to hire and add resources in areas aligned with our strategic growth plan, while judiciously consolidating, integrating and streamlining resources that no longer align with that plan.”

“We are growing and hiring in certain areas of our business (aircraft-focused roles, such as manufacturing and maintenance), but reducing in others (primarily business support and administrative functions). We continue to hire technicians for our newly opened service centers in Appleton and Savannah as well as for the planned openings in Palm Beach and Van Nuys. Our domestic workforce (approximately 11 sites total) was recently reduced by about 3.5 percent, or 446 positions,” in total nationally, according to Heidi Fedak, Director of Corporate Communications and Media Relations for the company. “We regret the impact these decisions have on our employees. Depending on individual eligibility criteria, employees may receive benefits that include severance and benefits extensions,” she added.

Luxury jet maker Gulfstream laid off 1,100 workers nationwide back in 2015, with a number of those jobs lost in Georgia. At that time, two-thirds of Gulfstream’s 16,500 employees worked in Savannah and Brunswick, causing a significant employment hit in the Coastal Empire. In that layoff, however, only 500 of the affected workers worked directly for Gulfstream; the remainder were contractors, according to the news coverage by Aviation News.

But this announced layoff of 446 workers are all Gulfstream employees, Fedak confirmed, and are at nine locations in the U.S., with a portion in the Savannah area.

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