April 9, 2020 - Re:Purpose Savannah has announced they were recently awarded one of four recipients of the 2020 Gulfstream Giving Grant in the amount of $20,000 for their Capacity Building for Landfill Diversion in Savannah’s Historic District project. 

The Capacity Building project is a structure that was designed in collaboration with faculty at Savannah Technical College and will be built at Re:Purpose’s lumber yard as an extension of the lumber racks. The building will provide additional coverage and working space to process reclaimed pieces as well as improve the shopping experience for customers. Using only recycled materials from deconstruction projects the structure will increase Re:Purpose’s capacity to divert more buildings per annum by producing more efficiency, a quicker turnaround, and environmental protection for workers.

“This grant will specifically help to improve our processing operation of reclaimed material and enhance the space for existing and future volunteers, employees, and customers. We look forward to welcoming the public back to an upgraded lumber yard this fall” said Mae Bowley, Executive Director of Re:Purpose. “The results of deconstruction are less dumping in landfills, prevention of demolition by neglect, and healthier and safer neighborhoods. In the long term, we envision a citywide ordinance to deconstruct historic structures instead of demolishing them. This will significantly improve the environmental impact of the City of Savannah.”

Bryan Mossing, board president of Re:Purpose Savannah added, “The Gulfstream Gives Grant will make a substantial and immediate impact to our grassroots effort to establish and bolster a building material reuse industry in Savannah. In 2019 Re:Purpose Savannah quadrupled its previous effort and diverted 185 tons of construction materials from the landfill and will continue its upward trend in 2020. ”

The Gulfstream Giving Grant is part of a series of initiatives from Gulfstream’s Corporate Responsibility department, whose mission is to strengthen the communities where employees live and work. The grants are just one part of a broader focus and commitment to enable success within the community by providing people with the tools, resources, and motivation to live healthier lives. The company partners with nonprofit organizations in the community to support education, arts, and cultural activities, environmental and efforts, and health and human services.

Re:Purpose Savannah is operated by Emergent Structures, a sustainability-driven 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to changing our society’s perception of waste. Re:Purpose Savannah captures and shares the value of historic structures through shared research and documentation of buildings, through careful deconstruction and salvage of the architectural fabric of projects, and through making goods available for reuse at their marsh-front lumber yard. 

For more information on Re:Purpose visit

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