October 14, 2021 - Savannah SCORE has announced the finalists and panel of judges for its 4th Annual Shark Tank-style entrepreneurial competition, “BizPitch Savannah™”. On Friday, Nov. 5 from 4-6:30 p.m. at Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Center, the finalists will pitch their business ideas to the panel of judges for a chance to win cash and free professional services valued at over $10,000 to help launch their new businesses. The public is invited to attend at no charge. 

According to Michael Siegel, Savannah SCORE Vice Chair and Event Coordinator, “The eight finalists were selected from a field of 36 applicants. We are excited to have such a great group of aspiring entrepreneurs as our finalists and look forward to seeing which become our three “BizPitch Savannah™ 2021” winners.”

The eight “BizPitch Savannah™ 2021” finalists are:

Kathryn Rodgers-Hubbard / Lite Foot Company

Lite Foot Company exists to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint and do their part in the fight against climate change by offering them a way to get their everyday essentials, e.g., shampoo, lotions, beauty supplies, etc., without plastic.

Lesli Ott and Vanessa Villaverde / Menther

Menther is a digital platform that helps to empower and advance women globally through mentorship matching and support. A recognized Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) platform, Menther is poised to leverage technology to rebuild the workforce more equitably in a post-COVID world.

Madeline Ott and Colin Breland / Late Air

Late Air will be a wine bar, centered around community, offering customers looking for an intimate neighborhood wine shop, a focused yet eclectic bar, small plates, and a space that feels inviting and creative.

LV and Laura Short / Borderless Homeschooling Community of Georgia

Borderless Homeschooling Community of Georgia will offer high quality homeschooling resources, lesson plans, activities, materials, and consulting services to families with special circumstances, e.g., transient families, RV Traveling families, families with home-bound special needs children, etc. 

Joshua Stebbins / AIRSTIK® Brand by Kapotas Designs

AIRSTIK® products are based on a patented, revolutionary material that uses micro-suction cups and atmospheric pressure to adhere to glass and glass-like surfaces. The material can be removed and reapplied an infinite number of times without leaving sticky residue.

Mary Whalen / Canine Behavior Rehabilitation of Savannah

Canine Behavior Rehabilitation of Savannah will offer behavior modification training for shelter and rescue dogs. Taught by a professionally certified dog trainer, the training will help avoid euthanasia and increase the chance for these animals to be adopted.

GeorgAnna Wiley / Rebirth Holistic Women’s Health

Rebirth Holistic Women’s Health blends mainstream medicine and evidence-based, alternative healthcare into holistic gynecology. The goal is to offer comprehensive holistic care to un/underinsured, marginalized women, and those dissatisfied with mainstream medicine.

Michelle Williams and Stephanie Aiesi / Kidney Innovations, Healthcare Education Reimagined

Kidney Innovations, Healthcare Education Reimagined offers pre-dialysis education based on its signature Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) education program, “Kidney Greenways.” The program uses the latest technology, apps, and interactive platforms to offer personalized education to promote patient engagement and understanding leading to improved health.

The members of the “BizPitch Savannah™ 2021” panel of judges are:

  • Rachel White, VP, Business Banking Relationship Manager, SunTrust now Truist
  • Jackie Schott, Executive Director, Savannah Downtown Business Association and First Vice Chair, Ronald MacDonald House
  • Mary Githens, Owner, Latin Chicks & Mint To Be Mojito
  • Moncello Stewart, President, Greater Savannah Black Chamber of Commerce and Community Activist
  • Scott Pierce, Co-Owner/COO, Coastal Care Now; 2020 BizPitch Savannah Winner

For more information, visit bizpitchsavannah.com or contact bizpitchsavannah@gmail.com.

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