July 15, 2021 - Collabgistics, Inc., a software firm dedicated to bringing the efficiency and security of hyperledger technology to the logistics industry, has recruited veteran Savannah logistics expert Bill Stankiewicz to its advisory board. Stankiewicz is the CEO of Savannah Supply Chain and an adjunct professor at Savannah Technical College. He brings more than two decades of experience in industrial facility operations and distribution to the role.

“I am thrilled to join the Collabgistics Advisory Board supporting the company’s mission to bring new technologies to the logistics industry,” Stankiewicz said. “Blockchain in logistics will pave the way for more efficiencies in several areas. Also, with the cost savings, it is imperative for logistics companies.”

The software Collabgistics is pioneering is crucial to the future of supply chain logistics. Using blockchain technology as the medium to safely, securely and efficiently exchange important data between companies and all points in the supply chain securely is a vital solution for the global logistics trade.

Collabgistics is one of a growing group of international technology companies with a Savannah footprint. The company’s CEO, Rachael E. Stevens, chose Savannah, Georgia for the company’s U.S. base. The coastal Georgia city is a natural choice for a company developing next-generation supply chain technology. Savannah is home to the most technologically advanced port in the Western Hemisphere, making it a true logistics hub.

“Another reason we selected Savannah as our U.S. base is the Savannah Logistics Technology Innovation Corridor. The SLTC received official state recognition when Gov. Brian Kemp signed HR248 in 2018. Knowing that the state recognizes the importance of this region in managing the future of technology in logistics gives us confidence in our decision to locate here, in a natural hub of existing port, rail, airport and interstate highway assets. In addition, Savannah has a wealth of expertise in the logistics field and we are fortunate to be able to tap into that,” said Stevens in announcing the Stankiewicz appointment.

“Since 2018, when we started the analysis on the Collabgistics solution, we have sought out key industry performers to help us in the creation of Colabgistics an efficient and profitable solution for logistics companies. Mr. Stankiewicz has been instrumental in our efforts and we are honored he is a part of the Collabgistics family,” she said.

Collabgistics’ product is middleware that enables and expands blockchain technology across the length of a supply chain, paving the way for collaboration between all links in the chain immutably. Blockchain technology is the latest frontier in logistics technology, providing connections that are exponentially more transparent, more secure and less vulnerable to fraud. It enables collaboration in supply chain management in logistics and becomes the backbone of the next generation supply chain.

Stankiewicz is a seasoned executive in the logistics industry and in his academic role at Savannah Technical College, he is involved with the OS & OOG Freight Program for Pilot Escort and Fork Lift Safety Programs for certification and distribution operations. He was the recipient of the PepsiCo Frito-Lay Service and Quality Awards at the 13th Annual Contracting Manufacturing Meeting in Plano, TX. He holds various leadership roles for professional organizations, including the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance, APICS Savannah, the Savannah Traffic Club, WorkSource Georgia and beBee.com.

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