May 11, 2021 - David Murray, lead engineer at scDataCom, has earned his Registered Communications Distrbution Designer Certification (RCDD). Individuals who achieve the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the creation, planning, integration, execution and/or detailed-oriented project management of telecommunications and data communications technology.

RCDDs are required on many building design projects because cabling infrastructure is complex.This credential is one of the highest design credentials in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, recognized worldwide.

“I'm so excited to have finally obtained my RCDD certification," said David Murray. "I have been working in the Electrical and Telecommunications field since I was 14 years old. During my career in the industry, I have constantly been trying to learn as much as I can and keep striving to improve my skills and knowledge. The RCDD certification has been a lingering goal of mine for about 15 years. After joining scDataCom four years ago, it was clear that I had landed in the right spot. They have constantly encouraged continuing education and not just for the company's benefit, but for every individual in the company to be better, grow together and win together. They helped me every step of the way to accomplish my 15-year-old lingering goal. I can now proudly say that I'm an RCDD and could not be happier to use this certification to help scDataCom grow, as they have helped me to grow.”

“This is a lifetime achievement for David," added Alaina Meyer, VP of scDataCom. "scDataCom is very proud of the dedication he's shown preparing for this credential and we are thrilled to cheer on this well-deserved acknowledgment of his expertise in our industry."

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