June 15, 2021 - Parker’s recently hired Scott Smith as Senior Director of Information Technology to provide additional thought leadership and strategic support for the company's continued expansion across coastal Georgia and South Carolina. 

”At Parker’s, we place a high value on people-first leaders who use their skills, knowledge and expertise to help us achieve and exceed our goals,” said Parker’s founder and CEO Greg Parker. “We know that Scott Smith bring[s] years of convenience store industry experience and technical expertise that will benefit our team, our stores and, most importantly, our customers.”

An expert in developing strategic solutions for retail technologies, Scott Smith joins Parker’s after serving as the Director of Information Technology for convenience and fuel retailer Royal Farms, where he led the IT department in security, infrastructure and retail operations initiatives for hundreds of locations across multiple states. Bringing 12 years of convenience-focused IT strategy experience to his new position at Parker’s, Smith previously served as Royal Farms’ Project Manager and Systems and Network Administrator during the company’s growth from 100 to more than 250 store locations. As Parker’s new Senior Director of Information Technology, Smith leads Parker’s IT operations and collaborates with the company’s Chief Innovation Officer Eric Jones on digital transformation and strategic growth efforts. Originally from Baltimore, Md., Smith currently resides in Savannah, Ga.

Since its founding in 1976, Parker’s has grown from a one-store operation in Midway, Ga. to an award-winning company with state-of-the-art convenience stores located throughout Georgia and South Carolina, serving delicious, award-winning Southern-inspired Parker’s Kitchen food that’s made from scratch on-site. Learn more at www.parkerskitchen.com.

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