May 3, 2021 - Enmarket recently released a new mobile app with a focus on reducing customer touchpoints in its stores. A new mobile payment option is available, allowing users to pay for fuel or inside merchandise directly and securely through the app — eliminating the need to touch the pin pad or swipe a card. As an alternate touch-free option, customers can completely bypass the cash register by using the mobile app’s Scan and Go technology, powered by Skip Checkout. Scan and Go allows customers to use their mobile phone to scan products and pay for them directly from the app. Both mobile pay and Scan and Go are fully integrated with Enmarket’s Enjoy Rewards loyalty program, allowing customers to earn points and redeem rewards no matter how they choose to transact.

Besides mobile payment Scan and Go, the app will perform other services for customers, like finding Enmarket locations near them and even letting them view fuel prices. Customers can check their Enjoy Rewards point balance and monitor progress on their frequency “clubs” and fuel rewards. Signing up for enPay, Enmarket’s proprietary payment card that saves customers $.10 per gallon on fuel, is also possible directly through the mobile app.

The app also offers Enjoy Rewards members exclusive in-app coupons that are not available anywhere else, including valuable age-restricted offers on tobacco and alcohol. Users can apply for careers and give feedback to Enmarket quickly and easily directly through the app.

“Enmarket is dedicated to innovative technology that drives convenience for our customers,” said Brett Giesick, president of Enmarket. “Our new app continues that tradition. Customers can leave their credit cards in their wallet – or at home – and pay directly from our app without worrying about security. It also enhances the benefits of our loyalty program, Enjoy Rewards, so that our customers save money as well as time.”

To download the latest generation of the Enmarket app and access its multiple convenient features, visit Google Play or the Apple App Store. Visit for more information.

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