November 14,­­­, 2020 - I've had very some good in-person and Facebook dialogues this past week with Georgia Republicans who voted for Trump, are surprised the state has flipped for Biden, and who are hearing information on talk radio and FOX about election fraud.  They’re trying to figure out what happened in the election, as they didn’t see it coming, and their party’s leadership is telling them the election was stolen.

It's HARD to listen to new sources of information, and to process that those pushing that fallacy have ulterior motives. But, they do. 

Many Georgia Republican State Represenatives and State Senators are very worried that they will lose control (power) of the House and the Senate. The Dems picked up seats in both the Georgia House and Senate on Nov. 3, after all.

They're so worried they've attacked their own - the Secretary of State – even though he’s been a loyal Republican, spreading a false information about voter and election fraud in Georgia.

State Rep. Jesse Petrea of Savannah has not corrected his post with false information about 1,000 people voting twice in the June primary, despite me sending him the facts that the number first released on Sept.. 8 by Rathensperger was quickly reduced down to 98 cases. Those cases were turned over to the Georgia Attorney General's office, according to the Secretary of State, for investigation. So far, there has been no information available on whether they got pursued or dropped.  After all, people who mailed in an absentee ballot, but who couldn't see it updated as “processed” on the state's website, could understandably have thought that they should show up to vote on election day. People want their vote - their voice - to be heard.  

Is this false rhetoric about "election fraud" aimed at showing loyal Georgia Republicans that they're fighting, versus just rolling over?   

They know they've lost, and they realize they may never flip the state back to the Red column.  After all, they have another major problem ahead in Stacy Abrams who is looming large to trounce Gov. Kemp in two years.  She's proven she can both register voters and get them to the polls, and has transformed herself into a national figure.

And, if Perdue and Loeffler lose on January 5, it will be catastrophic for the national GOP, as well as our local folks, who may get blamed.

But all of this was foretold.

The Georgia demographics are have been changing for years, primarily because of the influx of business people into the state, all those business announcements we run weekly in the Savannah Business Journal of new "Georgia jobs" that our state leaders have been touting for the past 10 years.

"Georgia is the #1 state for Business" is the constant ranking that is reported by numerous business sources, magazines and business media.  It’s been a good thing.  

This past Thursday’s press release from the Georgia Dept. of Economic Development was, As the world’s greatest golfers teed off today at the Masters Tournament in Augusta to compete for the prized Green Jacket, Governor Brian P. Kemp announced that the State of Georgia has shattered its own record by being named No. 1 for business climate for the eighth consecutive year by Site Selection magazine. In 2019, Georgia became the only state to earn this distinction seven consecutive times in the history of Site Selection’s rankings, and it is now the only state to receive the honor eight times in a row. The announcement presentation followed a tour of Bridgestone Golf’s headquarters and research and development facility in Covington, Georgia, where the Governor was also presented with golf balls stamped with the “No. 1 State” artwork to commemorate the occasion.” End Quote. 

The staggering growth of the film/TV production industry in our state is another example. Mercedes moved their U.S. headquarters here out of the metro New York area. And there has been a massive investment in Georgia by Amazon. 

Those companies are bringing in college educated people from the Midwest, West, North and foreign countries who vote. 

Additionally, as each generation of our state's Black population achieves more education, they become more active and more informed voters. They are empowered to vote, and will not be intimidated by voter suppression efforts.

All of this is resulting in the very real loss of power for the Georgia GOP.

It's been forecast for years ... all the trends were there.

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