November 6, 2020 - 11:00 pp.m. - The Presidential election is over, for those able to look at reality, as Biden leads in all four battleground states. 
And the most recent development we're seeing overnight as overseas military ballots are being counted and reported, such as in the Pittsburgh area, is that active duty military ballots are coming in 4 to 1 for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, at least in that area.
I'm not surprised.
Over the years, military wives who have worked for me in the Savannah area - a big military area with Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield - say that Republicans talk about loving the military, but Democratic administrations are actually better at providing for families - such as raises in pay, improved base facilities and support services, and keeping us out of wars.
They remember President Obama's commitment to bring home the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. They will never forget Michelle Obama's commitment and leadership to employment programs for those leaving active duty status. Actions, not just flag waving.
I think the military's preference for Biden over Trump may also be our first definitive view into how our military feels about Trump disrespecting the views of our military generals and National Security leadership, as well as a basic distrust of him because he and his family have never served. 
Those of us of "a certain age," remember the guys who got out of Vietnam for "bone spurs," and the white priviledge of methods to avoid service.  I had guys in my Palatine, Illinois high school who died in Nam, and who stepped up and enlisted even before their number was called up. 
Joe Biden has both served, and sent his children off to war.
And, let's not forget that Joe Biden ends every speech with: "God Bless the United States of America, and May God Protect Our Troops."
Every ... time.

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